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Fabiola Vargas – Associate | Architecture at Board & Vellum

Fabiola Vargas, Associate AIA

Associate | Architecture & Interior Design

Fabiola was born 5,000 miles away from Seattle, in Peru, but then moved to Seattle as a child. When she was 12 years old, a family friend took her to a “Girls in Engineering and Architecture” weekend workshop, and she realized that she wanted to be an architect. She studied interdisciplinary visual arts, architecture, and anthropology at the University of Washington, then earned her Master of Architecture from CCA. Her diverse education has resulted in a strong sense of art/aesthetics/design, cultural understanding, and strong analytical/research skills.

Before joining the team at Board & Vellum, Fabiola worked in San Francisco and gained experience in commercial, retail, and residential design. Her first and largest architectural project was working on “The Market,” a grocery-restaurant-hybrid located below the Twitter headquarters in San Francisco. Fabiola seeks to create authentic architecture that is innovative, elevates the human experience, and enhances the community. She believes that successful architecture resides at the intersection of architecture, art, and culture.

During her spare time, Fabiola gives back to the community through her involvement with the AIA, the Seattle Architecture Foundation, and the Fremont Arts Council. She also enjoys print-making, drawing, dancing samba, and road trips.

[email protected]
+1 206 691 8983

A sample collection of Fabiola’s project contributions.

With nearly a decade of experience in architecture and interior architecture, Fabiola enjoys the unique challenges of commercial, single-family, and multifamily projects.

The point of sale counter at Armistice Coffee and Cocktails, located at the Lucille on Roosevelt.
TI Build-Out for a Modern Coffee Lounge

Armistice Coffee & Cocktail Bar

In the corner commercial space in the Lucille apartments, this hybrid coffeehouse/bar offers drinks and treats with the vibe of a European café.

Seven Starlings Workloft – Board & Vellum
Brand Identity & Interiors for a Boutique Coworking Space

Seven Starlings Workloft

An immersive brand experience for a commercial space anchored in a conceptual exploration of biomimicry and emergence, brought to life by an integrated brand and interiors team.

Harrison South: New Apartments in Capitol Hill – Board & Vellum
New Apartments with an Owner’s Unit

Harrison South Apartments

This new apartment building is contextually traditional, respecting the fabric of the neighborhood, with a modern intervention.

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