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Peter Altier – Associate, Interior Design at Board & Vellum

Peter Altier

Associate, Interior Design

After graduating with a BA from Bellevue College, Peter spent three years working for a Seattle-based interior design firm specializing in multifamily and single-family residential design. He subsequently moved on to work in the interiors department of one of the region’s top commercial office architecture firms.

His work experience ranges from single-family residential and apartment building remodels to new construction mid and high rise projects. The scope of these projects includes everything from small apartment buildings and large 400+ unit properties to high-rise apartments and luxury condominium communities. He was also on the interiors team for two of the most recent towers to be added to Amazon’s downtown Seattle campus.

Beyond the creative side of design, Peter enjoys helping others learn the technical tools of the trade, spending two years teaching evening Revit courses in the interior design department at Bellevue College.

[email protected]
+1 206 274 6194

A sample collection of Peter’s project contributions.

With over half a decade working in interior design, Peter’s experience includes multifamily, commercial, and single-family residential projects of a variety of scales.

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