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What is the Benefit of Becoming a Licensed Architect?

Becoming a licensed architect is a long and frustrating process (though it is better than it used to be). A lot of people in the architecture field struggle with making the decision to go for it or not. So, is it worth it? Jeff thinks so! Here’s why.

Is Moonlighting Worth It? Probably Not, But We All Try.

We've all been there – when moonlighting on an architecture project seems like a good idea. But most of us who've tried it over the years know: it's just not worth it to wear yourself out working at night on the type of project that just goes more smoothly during business hours.

Mentoring with Anecdotes vs. Creating a Culture of Trust

Mentoring with Anecdotes vs. Creating a Culture of Trust – Having fun at the company retreat.
What’s the best professional advice you’ve ever received? Jeff Pelletier looks back to his first design job, and finds that great mentorship doesn’t always come in the form of sharing pre-packaged nuggets of wisdom. Sometimes, it’s about trusting and empowering young employees, and Jeff’s been paying it forward ever since.

Advice for Young Architects: A Recap from the AIA Seattle Young Architects/Women in Design Happy Hour

Advice to Young Architects – Recap from the Young Architects Forum at Board & Vellum
Fresh from hosting a successful and lively Young Architects Forum Happy Hour at Board & Vellum, Jeff Pelletier recaps his speech on the theme of "Chance," offering advice to young architects who dream of what to do and where to go next in their career.

Dear Future Architects, Don’t Forget to Treat Your Clients with Respect

Dear Future Architects – Site Visit
In this most recent post in the ArchiTalks series, Jeff Pelletier writes a letter to future architects, reminding them to always put their egos aside, and treat their clients with respect as they navigate the relationship between client and architect.

How Architects Can Be Model Citizens

How Architects Can Be Model Citizens: The B&V Team at the Street Fair - Cropped for Featured Image
This week in the ArchiTalk series, we launch from the theme of "Citizen Architect" to discuss what it means here at Board & Vellum to be a model citizen. From community outreach as a group, to our individual volunteer efforts, the cycle of change starts with people getting involved and helping to better where they live.

What Does It Take to Become an Architect?

Just like everything else, there is no clear answer to that question. “It depends.”  To keep this from becoming a fifteen thousand page document, I will attempt to describe what it takes to become an architect.   I should clarify that this post will focus on what it will take to become an architect in Washington State, […]

Advice to My 17-Year-Old Self When Considering Careers

My feelings about the pace of life lately was recently summed up when I got to visit with one of my clients.   I was sharing some wine with them and getting a final tour of the completed remodel.  I found myself looking around and thinking some pretty profound thoughts.  I got to thinking how […]