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What Type of Dining Room Table Do You Need?

When you’re in the market for a dining room table, where do you start? Would a round one work? Or a built-in banquette? Maybe a kitchen island? Or, an extendable leaf? Use these tips to figure out what type of dining room table is right for how you live in your home.

Designing a Space for Play (Not Just for Kids!)

Designing a Space for Play – Board & Vellum
Recently Verne & Wells, a private gaming club in the Seattle area, hosted a game night at Board & Vellum's Below Grade lounge. Not only did we have a ton of fun, but it was a great reminder about the value of taking time to relax in space designed for play, even play for grown ups.

Tailor Made Custom Design Featured in Luxe Magazine

Tailor Made Custom Design Featured in Luxe Magazine: Complex Finishes & Pairings - Cropped for Featured Image
We're so proud of our own Alev Seymen for her contribution to this gorgeous Jules Thomas design project featured on the cover of the Fall 2015 issue of Luxe Magazine! While working at Castanes Architects, Alev provided the drawings and managed the project through construction, working in tandem with Klaus Toth of Toth Construction.

Designing a Kitchen on a Budget

Designing a Kitchen on a Budget: Orange is the New Knob Kitchen View - Cropped for Featured Image
Just because you are designing a kitchen on a budget doesn't mean you have to skimp on style! Let us show you how combining IKEA cabinets with a couple of custom details where it shows can make your kitchen look like a completely custom job without breaking the bank.

Building the Lego Room

Who says grownups can't have truly epic lego rooms? Your house is YOUR house: build something to support what makes you happy. At Board & Vellum, we love to embrace the individuality of our clients, and we hope Jeff's famous lego room inspires you to embrace your passions just a little bit more.

Designing Retail Spaces You Want to Linger In

Designing small-to-medium-size retail projects brings unique and exciting challenges, and great small retail brings so much to the life of a community. So, what does it take to create a space where customers slow their pace and linger? Retail spaces designed for the human scale, that promote curiosity and exploration.

Stay Focused

In the digital design age, we are so inundated with beautiful images and “professional” opinions that it can be tremendously difficult to make confident decisions when you are designing your own home or remodel. So how do you approach your design project? Stay focused on what really matters to you and your family, just you.

Ada’s: A Burst Of Light and a Custom Mobile

Ada’s Technical Books and Cafe, a project very near and dear to us at Board and Vellum, will have been open for almost six months at its new location on 15th.  It’s amazing to walk-by everyday (our office is less than a block away) to see how much love Ada’s is getting from people in […]

Walnut and Carrera Marble Kitchen Preview

I’ve been down recovering from a tonsillectomy so I’m behind on posting some fun construction updates from various projects. This particular kitchen has a few more weeks until completion and I can’t wait to get it photographed and move the happy owners back in. In the meantime I wanted to post a couple preview photos. […]

Top Ten Things to Consider in a Home Bar

I had an Uncle who lived up the street from me growing up who had what I thought was the coolest basement bar. While the parties had stopped a bit before my time, the wood lined room was filled with photographs of celebrating people all decked out for some holiday gathered around this bar. Martinis, […]

Built-In Dog Furniture and Casework

Dogs not only provide lots of love, they provide opportunities for creating amazing built-in cabinets or spaces that are suited just for them. Here are some fun examples of built-in cabinets and spaces meant just for them. Click for more photos and information.

Plywood As an Interior Finish Material

The “Plywood as a Finish” Debate I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with plywood. Yes, that’s a random way to start a blog post, but it is a popular building and finish material that can go oh-so-right or oh-so-very-very-wrong. I originally wrote this post back in 2012 when I felt pretty strongly about plywood (hint, […]