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How to Create an Outdoor Space you Love

Sometimes, it takes the quiet moments on a peaceful vacation to remind you of some of the great things back at home. In this case, a trip to Costa Rica reminds Jeff about all the things that come together to create an outdoor room that you love, even in our rainy Seattle weather.

Questions to Ask a Landscape Architect or Site Design Team in an Interview

Questions to ask a landscape architect. – Board & Vellum
When you are looking into hiring a landscape architect or a site design team, even if you’ve been through the process before, make sure you ask these important ten questions. From design process, to fee structure, to timeline, and more, we lay it out for you so you can jump into your project well-informed.

Introducing Board & Vellum Landscape Architecture

Paver path though a rain garden. – Landscape Architecture – Board & Vellum
Board &Vellum is pleased to announce our new landscape architecture team, featuring Derek Reeves and Zack Thomas. Now that we have landscape architecture in-house, collaborating with our architecture and interiors teams, our clients can enjoy integrated design services: from inside to outside, and back again. Curious about how it works? Give us a ring!

Footloose and Fency Free

Fences and retaining walls are more than just simple demising lines but they're our walls in our outdoor living rooms. And sadly so many of the fences that get put up end up being bland, boring, and basic boards. They're boring. I'm sure that the people who live in these homes AREN'T boring, of course, so what options do they have?Plenty. Take a look at a few personalized options.