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Introducing, Danie Leatherman.

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Introducing, Danie!

Meet Danie, the latest addition to B&V’s interiors team. Danie hails from the Midwest, most recently from Chicago. In “fun facts you don’t hear often” — she grew up with a Christmas tree farm as a backyard! Now surrounded by the giant trees of the Pacific Northwest, when she’s not designing interiors, she loves the outdoors.

August 13, 2019


I'm Danie, and I am beyond excited to have found Board & Vellum where I have felt immediately like it was the perfect fit, and finding a tribe that works hard but has fun along the way. Born and raised between Chicago and Indiana, the west has always intrigued me - there's nothing like a mix of mountains and water to get a flat-landed Midwestern girl to feel wanderlust. I've always had an adventurous heart — my backyard growing up was a Christmas tree farm that for years lent itself to exploration, imagination, and fun. Creativity and art have always been a part of my life, leading me to pursue a career in interior design to share these passions with others.

After graduating from Indiana University, Bloomington, I quickly headed north back to Chicago, as it has so much to offer a young, budding design graduate. Working in both high-end residential and boutique hospitality projects was a rewarding and creative path to get me to a place in my career where I want to have a stronger connection to clients while providing the utmost care and well-crafted design. My design aesthetic celebrates natural materials while brightening spaces with pattern and color - I don't shy away from pushing the envelope or adding a bold infusion of personality in each project. Layering, materiality, and custom elements are my specialty. 

Beers and a menu at an outdoor café.
Wicker Park Summer

Enjoying friends, great conversation, and all the award-winning microbrewery offerings that Chicago and the Midwest have to offer.

A few years ago, a good friend from design school moved to Seattle, and with only one visit to the area I decided that I had to move out here — it was just so beautiful I couldn't get over it. For a while, I was oscillating between Portland and Seattle, but the water aspect and the design community solidified my decision to venture out here. They don't call it a wonderland for nothing - I think it's insane how omnipresent Rainier is. I'm so excited to be able to explore and learn what the city has to offer while hiking all of these amazing landscapes and making new friends!

View of a hiker overlooking the dramatic river canyon at Horseshoe Bend.

What started as a trip to a hospitality design trade show grew into an opportunity to visit Arizona and the epic sight of Horseshoe Bend.

One thing about me is that you’ll quickly find how much I love plants and floral design. It was bittersweet selling a whole house-full of plants when I left my Chicago apartment, but I am looking forward to a new collection. I'm excited to learn more about the PNW flora and to see what grows best in an apartment here. Other things I love are my three nieces, music (both live and via Spotify), podcasts, dogs (as I don't have one but will pet yours), and photography. I'd like to get back into pottery, going to more art shows, and practicing at a great yoga studio.   

A glass bottle vase with a floral arrangement of greenery and one flower.
Floral Design

Working with floral is another way I use balance, form, texture, and color in the physical environment. I’ve even produced a bouquet for a friends’ wedding.

So happy to have started this new chapter in a new city and with a great group of people! Cheers!

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