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Meet the latest addition to the Board & Vellum team, Yi-Chun Lin!

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Introducing, Yi-Chun Lin!

Say hello to Yi-Chun, joining the B&V team in our Residential, Commercial, and Multifamily studios. Motivated by curiosity to connect culture, environment and human experience through design, Yi-Chun’s generalist experience is expressed through a range of project typologies. An avid reader, seeker of metaphors and food enthusiast, she revels finding beauty in simplicity.

May 19, 2020


My name is Yi-Chun [pronounced ee-jin], and I am delighted to join Board & Vellum!
B&V contributes such a refreshing voice in Seattle’s design community and to our city. In an industry and climate evolving to normalize inclusiveness and equitability, I am inspired by B&V’s progressive approach to integrate project, team, and client experience to make collaborative design the norm.

Growing up on the island of Taiwan, the highlight of my year came every Lunar New Year — when my mom would return from her business trip to Europe with a special cargo, a new box of LEGOs. Over the years, the sets grew in complexity, as did my interests in figuring things out and expressing ideas through sketches and forms.

Meet the latest addition to the Board & Vellum team, Yi-Chun Lin!

On the stairs of CKS Memorial Hall during one of our visits to Taiwan.

As a kid, the notion of women in design was not prevalent. Fortunately, my parents were incredibly supportive and did not dissuade my curiosities, even if there was not a clear path. It wasn't until attending boarding schools in the United States during middle school (on the East Coast) and high school (West Coast) that my exposure to the legion of trailblazing architects such as Maya Lin, Zaha Hadid and Billie Tsien began.

An inkling to be in a college town drew me away from the hustle and bustle of Southern California to the home of Washington State University. While it induced culture shock in many ways, the multi-disciplinary studios laid the foundation to explore design ideas with cohorts. The abundance of rolling hills cultivated a deep respect for the open landscape — a rare sight for a life-long city dweller. That experience was juxtaposed with time spent at the Architectural Association in London that balanced historic influences, density, and design stewardship to enhance equitable human experience.

My career began in an architecture firm with regional higher education and retail experience. Curiosity then prompted me to accept an invitation to join at the ground level of a defining landscape architecture practice that led to many high-profile projects in the public realm around the world.

Meet the latest addition to the Board & Vellum team, Yi-Chun Lin!

Our crew of four capturing the day when I became a U.S. citizen.

With the birth of our children, I leveraged graphics and content marketing skills to form a design consultancy that developed visual communications and sales campaigns while maintaining ties with the architecture community. (And I also co-founded a food truck… another story, another time.)

Upon learning of my interests to return to architecture fully, a client I was consulting with extended an offer to join their growing architecture firm with expertise in the commercial, residential and interior design sectors. I was fortunate to work with many business and homeowners from feasibility through construction, and championed creative problem solving with a collaborative approach. The small firm setting was an ideal incubator to balance creativity and profitability in the Business of Design; and groundswell to co-develop design, management and technical practices through mentoring of cohorts.

Meet the latest addition to the Board & Vellum team, Yi-Chun Lin!
Halloween 2019

Zombie cheerleader and sports jock. Coco Chanel with Coco’s rabid French poodle.

I appreciate Board & Vellum’s commitment to being a resource for the community, the team’s enthusiastic advocacy for design, and dedication to client care. It is a pleasure to work with a team of capable and compassionate professionals with a great sense of humor. As a mother of two younger children, I am also grateful of the supportive culture where diversity is welcomed. I am thrilled to be applying my experience across studios and look forward to contributing in the making of many thoughtful places.

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