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Existing Exterior at the Alki Midcentury Remodel – Board & Vellum

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On the Boards: Alki Midcentury Remodel

Ever wondered how projects go from start to finish at Board & Vellum? You're in luck: this month we are kicking off a new series where we follow a project the whole way. The first project in the series is the Alki Midcentury Remodel, so join us to read about how it evolves!

January 19, 2017

This month, we’re kicking off a new series of posts in which we’ll follow the progress of one of our projects from start to finish. We thought it would be a fun way for our loyal fans (and prospective clients!) to understand the architectural process.

We’re very excited about the project we’ve chosen to feature for this little experience: It’s a 1955 ranch we’re calling the “Alki Midcentury.” Perched on a hill with large picture windows offering fantastic views of the Puget Sound, the house oozes character and potential. Its owners, Travis and Jon Michael, love the midcentury style and want to preserve that while updating the house for modern living. They also wanted to be presented with options for adding more living space.

Existing picture windows in the Alki Midcentury Remodel. – Board & Vellum

When a project inquiry comes into the Board & Vellum office, the first thing we do is collect some general information from the homeowner(s): What changes do they want to make? Do they have a budget in mind? What’s their timeline? We also ask for the property address so we can look up the parcel on the city’s website and find preliminary zoning code information.

Once we know those details, we pair the prospective client with the project associate we feel would be the best fit for their project in terms of experience and personality, and set up an initial phone consultation to discuss it in more detail. If everything clicks, the next step is a site visit so the project associate can gain first-hand knowledge of the potential opportunities and challenges, and hear more specifics about what the homeowner hopes to gain from the project.

Existing fireplace in the Alki Midcentury Remodel. – Board & Vellum

During our site visit to the Alki Midcentury, owners Travis and Jon Michael shared their wish list. Some of the major components were:

  • They wanted to have a master suite, and were open to the idea of adding on to the main floor or adding a second story to allow for that.
  • They wanted to relocate the kitchen to the southwest corner of the house to create better flow for entertaining and a better connection to the Sound views.
  • They wanted a media room that would also serve as a space to store and showcase their LEGO collection.
  • They wanted to update the exterior with a deck off the living area, new siding, a spot for gardening in the north yard, and possibly a new garage (with connecting breezeway) in the south yard.
Existing kitchen in the Alki Midcentury Remodel. – Board & Vellum

That gives us all the information we need to put together a proposal of services and fees. The proposal outlines the scope of the project, explains the phases that will make up the project, and gives an estimate of our architectural fees (the range is calculated as a percentage of the estimated construction value). We try to make these as transparent as possible, but there are a lot of complexities involved in architectural projects, so we’re always happy to walk our clients through the proposal in our office or over the phone. We want you to feel fully informed and comfortable before signing anything. The return of the signed contract is our cue to schedule the first phase of work: pre-design.

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