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Helpful Tools Found within an Architecture Blog

Helpful Tools Found Within an Architecture Blog - Project Crit at B&V
In this Architalks post, Jeff discusses handy tools for clients wondering how the architectural process works through recaps of favorite blog posts. From "How to Select a Contractor," to "How Much Does an Architect Charge?" and "Does It Makes Sense to Add a Second Story?" – read up on all the most useful tips!

New Year, New Office

Board & Vellum is moving into a new space, and we are designing it ourselves! Of course, the new office has a lot of what we advise clients to consider including in their space: personality. Remember, your office space is not only a benefit for employees, but a marketing tool to tell your story.

How Long Should My Remodel Process Take?

How Long Should My Remodel Process Take: Schedule: As-Builts Through Schematic Design - Cropped for Featured Image
When you're considering remodeling your house, one of the most unfamiliar aspects is how long it will take from the moment you hire an architect until the moment it is all done and you’re relaxing in your new home. Don't worry, we are here to help with this illustrated post on the process!

Finding a Contractor

Just how do you go about finding the right contractor for your job? For one, we can help! There are all types of builders out there, and matching them with our clients is one of the key things we do to create a successful team for your project.

An Island Nest

Explore the avian inspiration behind the design for this contemporary home on Mercer Island. With an exterior envelope designed based on “Passivehaus” principles, radiant floors, and a smart natural ventilation approach, this house creates a comfortable, allergy-free environment. Construction is scheduled to begin in April of 2015, so check back for photos of the finished house!

Office Construction Insanity

We’ve mentioned that we’re expanding our office space here (if you hadn’t gathered that yet from all of the “Introducing…. posts).  I came back from vacation today to see that the flooring was getting installed in the new area and that all of our furniture was consequently piled up into our work space.  Things are […]

Ada’s Receives a Citation in the 2014 Residential Architect Design Awards

We are proud to announce some exciting news about Ada’s Technical Books and Cafe! We are proud to stand with a bevy of nationally recognized firms and receive a citation In the category of light commercial for the 2014 Residential Architect Design Awards. About the competition, the magazine had this to say: “Architects are no […]

What do Architects’ Acronyms Mean?

Architects love acronyms and abbreviations. No, that isn’t quite true; we absolutely love them, but we also rely upon them. All of our drawings and documents are filled with them. Still, as much as they’re ingrained in this profession, I absolutely can’t stand them. They’re confusing, mysterious, and do nothing to help us communicate with […]

The Stages of Architectural Design

The biggest question we get when meeting with new clients who haven’t worked with an architect before (aside from, “How much does it cost?”) is always about how the process works. What are the stages of architectural design, and what happens at each phase? So, let's explore the phases from Pre-Design through Construction Observation!

Almost Wrapped Up at Light-Filled Basement Remodel

Were are nearing completion of our Light-filled Basement Remodel project. In fact, the project is so close to completion the homeowners have started moving into the space! The primary goals of this project was to open up the basement space to light, and the end results are better than we expected. The space feels opened and […]

May Update: New Office and New Hire

This has been one incredibly busy Spring here at Board and Vellum.  Lots of fun projects on the boards and in construction right now that are all worthy of an update of their own when I can find the time!  Here’s a little run down of all the fun projects we have going: The website […]

Top 10 Problems That Come Up During Construction

The Bungalow West project on our portfolio page starts construction this week and I’m excited to see the progress begin. One of the reasons I love being an Architect is that I love seeing the nuts and bolts (or nails and screws perhaps) of how things are put together. It is an intensely satisfying profession […]