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Helpful Tools Found within an Architecture Blog

Helpful Tools Found Within an Architecture Blog - Project Crit at B&V
In this Architalks post, Jeff discusses handy tools for clients wondering how the architectural process works through recaps of favorite blog posts. From "How to Select a Contractor," to "How Much Does an Architect Charge?" and "Does It Makes Sense to Add a Second Story?" – read up on all the most useful tips!

2015 Highlights and Year in Review

You may think that a year-end recap is a cliché, but either way, there's no doubt that you get a wonderful sense of accomplishment by stepping back and looking at all that happened in the preceding year! Quite frankly, 2015 was another ridiculous and amazing year, and we can't wait to carry on into 2016!

Seattle “Box” Remodel

Seattle Box Remodel – Bright Interior Paint Colors with White Trim
Seattle “Box” Remodel Seattle “Box” homes are prized for their stately appearance and generous floor plans. What isn’t often provided, though, is an easy way to convert these older homes into homes with flexible and open living spaces. This project keeps the formal nature of the ‘three in a row’ formal rooms, and opens the […]

Building the Lego Room

Who says grownups can't have truly epic lego rooms? Your house is YOUR house: build something to support what makes you happy. At Board & Vellum, we love to embrace the individuality of our clients, and we hope Jeff's famous lego room inspires you to embrace your passions just a little bit more.

Everything Is Awesome with Houzz

The secret's out! We can finally share the news: Houzz contacted us a month ago about doing a video project showcasing Jeff’s house and the Lego Lounge for their new HouzzTV platform. Of course, we said, "Yes, please!" Check out the shorter video here, and a bonus longer one over on Houzz.

In LEGO, We Connect – A Gallery Review

It's no secret that we are big LEGO lovers at Board & Vellum, so we were intrigued to hear of a new photography exhibit at the Bryan Ohno Gallery focusing on LEGO photography: “In LEGO, We Connect.” Of course, we went to check it out, and, (also, of course), we wrote this little review of it.

An Architect Remodels His Own House

Jumping into a remodel can be a crazy mixture of emotions. Excitement and fear mixed with a tremendous sense of anxiety can be natural first reactions. Now, you may think it would be much easier for Architect’s to design their own remodel. This is, after all, what we do for a living, right? Yes, and […]

Light-Filled Basement Remodel

Light-Filled Basement Remodel – Den with Built-Ins, Recessed TV
Light-Filled Basement Remodel This project consists of a small basement addition and overall basement remodel, plus the remodel of an existing master bathroom on the second floor. The walk-out basement had surprisingly little light, so we expanded the space under a main floor sun porch and added windows at every opportunity. Packing in functions, like a mudroom […]

Details of an Architect’s Own Remodel

The devil is in the details. If there’s one thing that I spend more time worrying and obsessing over than anything else, it’s the little details that make a project special. The execution of details is easily the biggest thing that separates a space designed by an architect from one built with waved hands and a […]

The Top 10 Things an Architect Learns from Vacation

Let me get this right out there; I’m not your typical Architect.  That’s sort of a “duh” statement in many ways as it should be apparent from a lot of my writings.  It isn’t something I’m particularly proud of but not fitting into a lot of the standard Architect stereotypes as been something I’ve noticed […]

Jeff’s LEGO Addiction

It is no secret that the reason I’m an architect today is probably tied to my love of LEGO as a child. This amazing little toy was always the one toy that my frugal parents felt OK with buying because they knew that I wouldn’t outgrow it, that I would simply add them to my […]