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New Year, New Office

Board & Vellum is moving into a new space, and we are designing it ourselves! Of course, the new office has a lot of what we advise clients to consider including in their space: personality. Remember, your office space is not only a benefit for employees, but a marketing tool to tell your story.

Night School 2: What Shapes Our Cities?

Night School 2: What Shapes Our Cities: Skyscapers & Sky - Cropped for Featured Image
Have you ever pondered the logistics of millions of people in a modern city all eating lunch within an hour of each other? The impact that food has on an urban environment is both enormous and fascinating, and lucky you: it's the topic of Board & Vellum's upcoming (and open to the public) Night School.

Eco Building Guild’s Green Slam Event

Eco Building Guild's Green Slam Event: Zack Semke & Jeff Pelletier, Representing Hammer & Hand and Board & Vellum - Cropped for Featured Image
For the second year in a row, a Board & Vellum project was selected for the annual Green Slam Event, organized by the Northwest Eco Building Guild. This time, we teamed up with Hammer & Hand to brag about our great clients and their quest for a more sustainable lifestyle in their remodeled Ballard Locks Residence.

Press for Urban Farmhouse

Press for Urban Farmhouse: Farmhouse Table As Island - Cropped for Featured Image
Our Urban Farmhouse project was recently featured in The Seattle Times' Pacific Northwest Magazine, in an article written by Rebecca Teagarden. We're thrilled to see the clients and their house celebrated in print!

Jeff’s (Current) Top 10 Design Elements to Watch For

After years of experience, we designers start to see trends and patterns and are able to “read” floor plans quite quickly to determine what will, or will not, work. Of course, things change with time, so, until the next installment, these are Jeff's current Top Ten “hot-button issues” to look out for when designing your home.

Urban Farmhouse

Urban Farmhouse – Living and Dining Separated by a Central Wood Stove
Urban Farmhouse Situated in the city with a large lot surrounded by gardens, this house maximizes square footage to get as much living space as possible in a small footprint, while straddling the line between rural and urban. The key to this is opening up the main floor, but still dividing it into three spaces. All […]

Ada’s Technical Books and Café

Ada's Technical Books & Café – Adaptive Reuse of a Capitol Hill Home
Ada’s Technical Books and Café Ada Lovelace was a 19th Century writer, mathematician, pioneer, and the initial inspiration for Ada’s Technical Books and Café. The impetus for the project was to create the “book retailer of the future.” Achieving this vision required adaptive reuse, an addition, and a pioneering approach to the neighborhood bookstore. The […]

An Island Nest

Explore the avian inspiration behind the design for this contemporary home on Mercer Island. With an exterior envelope designed based on “Passivehaus” principles, radiant floors, and a smart natural ventilation approach, this house creates a comfortable, allergy-free environment. Construction is scheduled to begin in April of 2015, so check back for photos of the finished house!

“Off The Hook” – The Etymology of Your Phone Number

Did you know that the digits of your phone number actually have a history linking them to letters? Or, that the concept of “dialing” a phone came way later than the phone itself? Robert Mech explores all this and more in this post about phones, and he most certainly did not “phone it in.”

Photography + Promotion

As the Marketing Coordinator for Board & Vellum (and the only non-architect in the office), I consider every project to have a final phase that includes professional photography and promotion. The best representation of our firm’s work is through photographs that clearly articulate the design and the final product. After all, a picture is worth […]

2014 Highlights

I finally have a minute for a bit of a breather to write a recap of this past year.  Looking at my notes, it really hit me just how much has actually happened in 2014. In all honesty, I can’t believe it was just one year as my memories have blurred together and what seems […]

The Bertschi School Field Trip

                                                                   Photo Courtesy of the Bertschi School and The Collins Group Last week we were fortunate to be invited to tour Capitol Hill’s […]