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What do you envision for your retail space?

The retail landscape is changing quickly and the places that best adapt to this shift — no matter what they sell — have the most to gain. Unique and special environments help brands stand out in a crowded marketplace and can become integral to the success of your business.

Our team will work with your company and brand to determine how your space can best strengthen the message and product you sell. When you have a great space that people keep coming back to, that buzz (and those sales) will practically generate themselves.

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What kind of retail spaces do you design?

All of them, but more precisely: the more unique the better! We are adept problem solvers and helping you define an aesthetic and space that strengthens your brand is one of our favorite challenges. We know that your space needs to stand out so it’s not just another face in the crowd. No matter what you sell, we can help you sell it better.

What is a Third Place, and why would I want my retail space to be one?

A Third Place is somewhere you love to spend time that isn’t your house or your workplace. It should be comfortable, beautiful, and inspire a sense of loyalty. We are adept at helping you create a space that galvanizes your customers to come back day after day.

How fast can you get us a permit?

With any retail environment, the key isn’t just to design a beautiful space, it’s to design it on or below budget, and then to actually get it permitted as fast as possible. We are skilled at navigating the complicated permitting agencies and moving your project through jurisdictions as quickly as can be done. Time is indeed money, and we’ve got your back.

Here are some highlights from our retail portfolio.

Ada’s Technical Books & Café – Retail Design – Board & Vellum
Interior Design, Retail, Third Places

Ada’s Technical Books and Café

Ada’s Technical Books and Café is an adaptive reuse project converting a dilapidated single-story Craftsman home on Capitol Hill into a small, mixed-use retail space.

Dynasty Room – Interior Design by Board & Vellum
Interior Design, Retail

Dynasty Room

In the now-shuttered Four Seas restaurant in Seattle’s International District, the old and the new mingle in this experiential reincarnation of the Dynasty Room bar.

Atulea Tea Shop – Board & Vellum – Commercial Interior Design
Interior Design, Retail, Third Places

Atulea Tea Shop

This cheery tea shop on Capitol Hill in Seattle features dramatic wallpaper to catch your eye and draw you in to experience its perky “beach chic” vibe.

Landscaped retail streetscape at Club Monaco – Board & Vellum
Landscape Architecture, Retail

Downtown Retail Streetscape for Club Monaco

A lush, planted streetscape sets this urban retail space apart, with mature plants offering height, and climbing vines drawing the eye up the façade.

Footprint Wine Tap – Wine Bar Capitol Hill – Board & Vellum
Interior Design, Retail, Third Places

Footprint Wine Tap

This wine bar on Capitol Hill in Seattle advocates for sustainable principles and the design of their new space reflects it with salvaged, reused, and rescued materials large and small.

Oasis Tea Zone Capitol Hill – Rocket Man installation by Electric Coffin. – Retail Café Design
Interior Design, Retail, Third Places

Oasis Tea Zone Capitol Hill

The challenge of this café design was how to draw visitors into the deep space from the street, especially with the point-of-sale on a lower level.

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