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Our historic preservation portfolio projects.

Colonial Restoration On The Hill – Historic Restoration – Board & Vellum – Historic Colonial home on Capitol Hill, viewed from the street.
Restoration of a Historic Home After a Fire

Colonial Restoration On The Hill

After suffering from fire and the associated water damage, this beautiful, historic Capitol Hill mansion needed careful restoration to return it back to its former glory.

Our historic preservation posts.

Arts & Culture, Historic Preservation

Look up! Architectural Terracotta Everywhere

Ever been walking along 3rd Avenue in downtown Seattle and happen to look up and see a bunch of walruses staring back down at you, complete with tusks the size of your head? Seattle is home to many great examples of architectural terracotta, and Robert Mech is here to tell you all about it.

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Arts & Culture, Historic Preservation

“Off The Hook” – The Etymology of Your Phone Number

Did you know that the digits of your phone number actually have a history linking them to letters? Or, that the concept of “dialing” a phone came way later than the phone itself? Robert Mech explores all this and more in this post about phones, and he most certainly did not “phone it in.”

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Arts & Culture, Historic Preservation

Tournament of Ornament

Ben shares the details about his recent trip to San Francisco, discussing the role of buildings in terms of whether they are monuments or part of the urban fabric.

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Historic Preservation

Everyday Heroes of the Built Environment

Whether you are pro-density or a full-blown BANANA (a step beyond the ubiquitous NIMBY), you probably have an opinion about how the fabric of Seattle is evolving as the city grows. In this post, Anne explores her thoughts on it, offering praise for the Everyday Heroes who care for our urban fabric.

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Events, Historic Preservation

Docomomo-WEWA Night at the Museum

You don't have to be a member of the "DOcumentation and COnservation of the MOdern MOvement - WEstern WAshington" (Docomomo-WEWA for short) in order to see a great exhibit at the Nordic Heritage Museum, going on now. Check it out!

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Arts & Culture, Historic Preservation

Moderne Art Deco Modern Atomic

Moderne vs. Modern. Art Deco? Atomic? Modern Atomic? What do all these words mean? We know, it can certainly be a bit confusing or overwhelming. Fortunately, we have resident historic-ophile Robert on hand to explain it.

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Our historic preservation recognition stories.

Historic Seattle Exemplary Restoration Award 2018 – PRAG House – Colonial Restoration on the Hill – Board & Vellum

Historic Seattle’s 2018 Exemplary Restoration Award

We are honored to accept Historic Seattle’s 2018 Exemplary Restoration Award for the PRAG House, the Colonial Restoration on the Hill.

Our historic preservation team team members.

Lance Hayes – Meet a B&V'er – Board & Vellum Team

Lance Hayes, AIA

Senior Associate | Architect

Lance’s passion for architecture has allowed him to explore all over the country. The Montana native loves dramatic landscapes (natural and architectural) and enjoys expressing that love through the artistic lens. He is the Studio Champion of B&V’s “Generalist Studio.”

Robert Mech – Meet a B&V'er – Board & Vellum Team

Robert Mech, AIA

Senior Associate | Architect

Interfacing analog to digital since 1976, Robert is our resident resource for all things historical. Beyond B&V, he is the proprietor of an Etsy store called AnalogDigital, and has very informed opinions about lightbulbs.

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