Small projects or large ones, residential or commercial, our goal is to be your advocate.

Our Mission

Here at Board & Vellum, we are your advocate for great architecture, interior design, and landscape architecture – however large or small. We look for great clients with challenging projects who are willing to bring a collaborative spirit to the table. We believe in setting realistic expectations, delivering a great set of documents, meeting budgets, and finding the design and style that best meets your goals. We love a great modern house and we’re equally passionate about historic older homes and buildings that need an update to look the part (we aren’t afraid of crown molding). Life is short! Your project should be a lot of fun, immensely rewarding, and meet your budget and expectations.

Jeff Pelletier – Meet a B&V'er – Board & Vellum

Jeff Pelletier, AIA, CPHC®

Principal | Architect

Jeff has known since he was two years old that he wanted to be an architect. He was one of those kids playing in a room filled with LEGO bricks who grew up to be an adult practicing architecture in a room filled with LEGO bricks. It is a profession he loves deeply.

After moving from New York City in 2001 following graduation from Cornell University’s architecture program, Jeff invested heavily in Seattle. He spent a decade working for area firms before founding Board & Vellum in early 2011. Tapping into his extensive experience in residential, retail, commercial, and multi-family projects large and small, the company is focused on complicated and precisely-detailed projects utilizing clear communication, a collaborative design approach, and excellent project management. Jeff is your advocate the whole way through. In a very short time, Board & Vellum has gained local buzz and grown to a staff of more than 20, and, in 2014, Jeff was recognized by Puget Sound Business Journal with their prestigious “40 Under 40” Award.

Jeff lives on Capitol Hill, a short walk from the office, with his husband, two dogs, and their two young sons. In his free time, he enjoys hiking, skiing, volunteering with local non-profits, cooking, drinking wine, and hunkering down in his LEGO room. He also truly enjoys serving on the board of Allied Arts and the Capitol Hill Chamber of Commerce.

Learn more about Jeff in his introductory blog post.

Alev Seymen, LEED AP

Project Associate

Raised on the Aegean coast of Turkey, Alev grew up playing hide-and-seek in the ancient ruins of Pergamon. But it was in seventh grade, upon reading a novel with an architect heroine, that she decided to pursue design as a career.

After completing her bachelor’s in Architectural Studies at University of Washington, Alev worked in Istanbul and in Seattle on various types of projects from art installations, restaurants, malls, to corporate TI’s, and even a high-security prison. Finally, she found her passion in residential design, where architecture interacts with human behavior in the most intimate manner.

Before joining Board & Vellum, she worked in a small firm for 8 years, focusing on both architecture and interior design of high-end custom residential homes. She gained valuable experience on challenging sites and programs, working with contractors and artisans, and helping owners understand and contribute to the design and construction process. As a LEED-Accredited Professional, Alev is always looking to integrate sustainable ideas into design.

Alev lives in Phinney Ridge with her husband and two children. She enjoys to travel, and loves to mix different ingredients with her native cuisine. Alev and her husband also own Nutty Squirrel Gelato, with multiple locations in Seattle.

Learn more about Alev in her introductory blog post.

Alev Seyman – Meet a B&V'er – Board & Vellum

Brian Baker – Meet a B&V'er – Board & Vellum

Brian Baker, AIA

Project Associate | Architect

Originally from Denver, Colorado, Brian discovered architecture in a middle school mentorship program that paired working professionals with eager sixth graders. He went on to receive his bachelor’s degree from the University of Colorado in 2001. After two years of working in residential construction, he headed to Seattle to further his education with a Master of Architecture at the University of Washington.

A licensed architect in Washington State, Brian has over a decade of residential design and construction experience. Beyond architecture and spending time outdoors, Brian is also a music fanatic, culinary enthusiast, and Vienna Secession art and design obsessive.

Learn more about Brian in his introductory blog post.

Charles Fadem

Project Associate

Charles viewed a Louis Kahn exhibit at the Philadelphia Museum of Art as a child that stuck with him and evolved into a fascination with architecture and design. While studying architecture at Cornell University, he joined the Journal of Architecture’s staff and met the Editor in Chief, a guy named Jeff, who also helped Charles get his first job in New York City following graduation.

Working for years in New York City, Charles forged an eclectic background, working in corporate interiors, residential interiors, historical restoration, and eventually high-rise, mixed-use residential. During that time, he founded a graphic design company, as well. Eventually, he landed at Handel Architects, a firm run by a few of his former professors. After a brief layover in Philly doing some freelance work, Charles moved to DC, first working at Shalom Baranes Associates, where he rediscovered his love of interiors. It was there that his passion for the challenge of designing the human scale experience took hold. It led to another unique opportunity at Hickok Cole Architects, working in their fledgling Lifestyle Interiors department.

Charles had been keeping tabs on Board & Vellum from afar, and got in touch when an opportunity opened up. He packed himself into a rental car and drove across the country with his dog, Q, a Tibetan Terrier named after the subway train back in New York. When he’s not designing interiors he can be found writing fiction, drooling over classic cars, or working on his own slightly less than classic ‘12 Mustang.

Charles Fadem - Meet a B&Ver - Profile Picture

Derek Reeves – Meet a B&V'er – Board & Vellum

Derek Reeves

Project Associate

Landscape Architecture was a fall-back for Port Gamble native Derek. His first passion was photography, but when it came to choosing a course of study, he decided to pursue a more structured career path.

Photography has remained a big part of Derek’s life, but his eye for framing a beautiful scene is evident in his landscape designs as well. Since earning his BLA at Washington State University, he has created unique and compelling outdoor spaces for urban infill projects, campuses, communities, and private residences. After working as a landscape designer and project manager at GGLO, Land Morphology, et al., Derek joined Board & Vellum in fall 2016.

When he isn’t designing landscapes or taking photos, Derek enjoys skateboarding, woodworking, and brewing beer. He lives on Bainbridge Island with his wife and two young children.

Learn more about Derek in his introductory blog post.

Hayley Buckbee

Project Associate

Hayley is a born-and-bred Pacific Northwestner. She grew up in southern Oregon, splitting her time between the coastal town of North Bend, Oregon, and the small town of Roseburg on the mighty Umpqua river.

In 2010, she received her Bachelor’s of Science in Architecture from Portland State University. Following her undergraduate studies, Hayley joined RSVR visual research, where she and a group of creative friends started building art installations “after-hours” in Tacoma and Seattle. Following two years of travel, a variety of jobs, and miscellaneous creative opportunities in Portland, Hayley moved to Seattle to attend the University of Washington, her sights set on a master’s degree in architecture. Her experience at the University of Washington allowed her to explore her interest in the connection between landscape and architecture. She completed her thesis work and graduate studies in December of 2014.

Learn more about Hayley in her introductory blog post.

Hayley Buckbee – Meet a B&V'er – Board & Vellum

Katie Mallory – Meet a B&V'er – Board & Vellum

Katie Mallory, Allied ASID

Project Associate | Interior Designer

Born and raised in Minnesota, Katie has always loved creating homes. In 6th grade, a friend told her that there was an actual job where you got to design other people’s homes for them. It sounded too good to be true.

Naturally, she ended up at the University of Minnesota, where she received a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design. While in school, she was able to explore other passions including photography, dance, graphic design, and printmaking. During a summer abroad program, she interned at a small, high-end residential and boutique hotel firm in London, England.

Following graduation, Katie worked at Ethan Allen as a Design Consultant for over three years, helping clients turn their houses into homes. Just before moving to Seattle and joining B&V, Katie worked at Shelter Architecture in Minneapolis.

When she’s not designing, Katie loves exploring the great outdoors, hiking, kayaking, snowboarding, long boarding, camping: you name it. She can also be found going to concerts, taking yoga classes, enjoying good coffee, and watching nature documentaries.

Learn more about Katie in her introductory blog post.

Leslie Batten, PLA, LEED Green Associate

Project Associate | Landscape Architect

Leslie’s diverse background as a Landscape Architect is a great asset to the Board & Vellum team. She has experience with single-family, multi-family, senior housing, school campuses, parks, and streetscapes. She holds a Master in Landscape Architecture from the University of Washington and received her Washington State license in 2015. Her ecological background brings a sustainability focus to her projects that helps guide material selection and accentuates a site’s existing natural features. She is a LEED Green Associate, has worked on Living Building Challenge projects, and enjoys working closely with clients to discover the little things that make a space personal.

Learn more about Leslie in her introductory blog post.

Leslie Batten: Project Associate, Landscape Architect at Board & Vellum

Lance Hayes – Meet a B&V'er – Board & Vellum

Lance Hayes, AIA

Project Associate | Architect

Growing up in Big Sky country, Lance developed an unrelenting love of dramatic landscapes, humble but classic constructions, and hardworking honest people. From an early age, Lance was fascinated with artwork, particularly drawing and painting. It wasn’t difficult to find his way to architecture from there, having realized that the field had a rich history of artwork, and an enticing blend of science, tradition, and technology.

His education, work, and travels took him all around the country, including the Rust Belt – a photographer’s dream – where Lance spent several years in St. Louis attending Washington University, and Rensselaer Polytechnic in Troy, New York. His love of adaptive reuse began there, with TAP Architecture, taking the building stock of a previous time and rejuvenating it for a new purpose.

In the years following, Lance worked for a brief time designing custom alpine architecture in the mountains of Colorado, then to Montana preserving national “parkitecture” for generations to come with A&E Architects in Missoula.

In a quest to cover the bases as an architect and further explore the west, he jumped at an opportunity to move to Seattle, where his first new project was to work on the Nintendo Headquarters of America in Redmond, with ZGF Architects. Lance also spent a year at LMN, and has truly grown to love the PNW with its amazing quality of light and limitless potential to inspire craft, community, and a culture of design appreciation.

Learn more about Lance in his introductory blog post.

Marissa Lada

Project Associate | Interior Designer

Marissa was born and raised in a suburb of Chicago, and made her way from the Midwest to the Pacific Northwest. Growing up, she always had a love of interiors, spending more time creating homes for her stuffed animals than actually playing with them.

It wasn’t until she took her first Interior Design class in high school that she realized she could do this for a career. She wasted no time completing both her Associates and her Bachelors in Interior Design and took a special interest in sustainable design. After graduation, she gained an array of experiences working in Chicago at numerous firms, with projects ranging from corporate offices to model homes.

During a road trip out west in 2014, Marissa discovered, and fell in love with, the city of Seattle. In 2016, she finally moved out here with her boyfriend and has been acclimating well to the Seattle life. When she’s not playing with fabrics and finishes, Marissa enjoys yoga, painting, adding crystals to her massive rock collection, and wandering in both the urban and natural environments of the Pacific Northwest.

Learn more about Marissa in her introductory blog post.

Matthew Hagen – Meet a B&V'er – Board & Vellum

Matthew Hagen, AIA

Project Associate | Architect

Hailing from the Great State of Nevada, Matthew’s straight-shooter approach serves him well in his desire to do things right. He received a bachelor’s degree from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and a Masters in Architecture at The Ohio State University, and likes to employ both technical and theoretical principals to everything he designs.

In addition to project work, he oversees Information Technology for the Board & Vellum office, and is leading the effort on creating office-wide standards. In his spare time, Matthew writes, travels, and enjoys music of all varieties. His drink of preference is bourbon, neat with a dry lager.

Learn more about Matthew in his introductory blog post. / O: 206.866.6777 C: 206.395.8033

Monika Shreves

Project Associate | Interior Designer

Monika moved from her home state of Virginia to join Board & Vellum’s interiors studio in summer 2016. Although she studied psychology as an undergraduate at UVA, Monika always had a strong interest in interior design. After graduation, she worked for the marketing department of a high-end residential interior design firm in Washington, D.C. for a year to get to know the design world. Her experience there led her to pursue an MFA in Interior Architecture from Virginia Commonwealth University – but she says her psychology degree has been surprisingly useful in her design career, particularly when it comes to building client relationships and understanding how people interact with public and private spaces.

Monika worked alongside another B&Ver, Charles Fadem, at D.C.-based Hickok Cole Architects, where she spent two years focused primarily on multi-family and hospitality projects. While in Seattle on vacation, she met up with her former co-worker and his new boss – and the rest, as they say, is history.

Monika is passionate about designing spaces that are both beautiful and functional, and is especially interested in projects where design meets social justice.

In addition to design, Monika’s interests include reading, exploring the Pacific Northwest’s natural beauty, playing with other people’s dogs (until she gets her own), cooking, bourbon, and (probably) cooking with bourbon.

Monika Shreves – Meet a B&V'er – Board & Vellum

Patrick McCoy – Meet a B&V'er – Board & Vellum

Patrick McCoy, Associate AIA

Project Associate

Patrick grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma with a passion for drawing and design. The summer following his junior year of high school, he enrolled in a five-week pre-college architecture program at Parsons The New School for Design in New York City. After graduation, he continued on his path to become an architect and moved to Chicago to attend Illinois Institute of Technology, graduating in May, 2013 with with a five-year professional degree in architecture.

IIT taught Patrick how to create a building using both passion and skills. It was important to him that he not just learn how to design a building, but understand how the building was constructed, as well. He landed his first job at Myefski Architects in Chicago, and after two years, decided it was time for a new perspective on life and architecture. That change ended up being a move to Seattle, where Patrick joined the Board & Vellum team in August, 2015.

Learn more about Patrick in his introductory blog post.

Rachel Simrell Scott

Director of Visual Design

Living in, and loving Seattle since the age of two, Rachel is a Pacific Northwesterner through-and-through. Long fascinated by art and design, Rachel earned a Bachelor of Arts in Art History & Visual Culture Studies at Whitman College, where she explored the relationship between the visual world and current events. While at Whitman, Rachel had the opportunity to spend a semester abroad in Florence, Italy, studying Italian film, contemporary art, and taking studio classes in black & white photography. It was there that she decided to pursue architecture.

The summer following graduation, Rachel enrolled in an architecture studio at the University of Washington, then promptly secured an internship working in the field for two years. Graduate studies followed, culminating in a Master of Architecture from the University of Oregon.

Following school, Rachel co-founded Emerald Seven, an integrative design studio, where she and her husband, Blake, design & develop in both the physical and digital realms. Before joining the B&V team in September of 2015, Rachel’s first solo full-house residential remodel and addition transformed a bare-bones ’50s era house into a home full of light and natural materials.

When she steps away from the studio, you’ll find Rachel eating and drinking her way through Seattle’s neighborhoods, seeking lucky finds in her favorite thrift stores, and playing home chef with Blake.

Learn more about Rachel in her introductory blog post.

Rachel Scott – Meet a B&V'er – Board & Vellum

Renée Roman, AIA, LEED AP

Project Associate | Architect

Renée is a generalist architect with particular sensitivity and expertise in historic buildings, site issues, environments for the arts, and collaboration. She completed her Bachelor of Environmental Design at the University of Colorado, summa cum laude, and her Masters of Architecture at the University of Washington. Growing up outside of Philadelphia instilled an interest in historic places early on, and completing her master’s degree abroad in Rome clinched the deal.

Her career began at GGLO, working on low-income housing with the Eagles Auditorium Building, a Seattle landmark and listed on the National Register, becoming one of the most significant projects at GGLO during that time. At Leavengood Architects, Renée was able to continue working on historic projects for the National Park Service, Washington State, and pursue ranch projects, exploring aspects of land restoration. While at Bassetti Architects, she focused on the schematic design for the rehabilitation of two historic theaters, one for the Natrona County High School in Casper, Wyoming and another for the Roosevelt High School in Portland, Oregon.

Renée is a current patron level member of the Seattle Art Museum, a Vashon Allied Arts Member, a member of the AIA Committee on the Environment, and a volunteer for VIPP, a local dog rescue nonprofit. Renée is thrilled to be at Board & Vellum, where the design process is charged with enthusiasm, and talent is boundless for creating timeless environments.

Learn more about Renée in her introductory blog post.

Robert Mech, AIA

Project Associate | Architect

Robert was born in Chicago and bounced back and forth from there to Albuquerque growing up. He made his way to Seattle, where he worked at GGLO Architecture for just shy of seven years, mainly focusing on commercial and multi-family projects, before joining Board & Vellum in 2014. Robert is licensed to practice architecture in the State of Washington.

Robert will fight for your vision. He is a caretaker of the built environment, and a curator of the things that last. In his spare time, Robert enjoys being an active member of Historic Seattle, the National Trust, and Washington Trust for Historic Preservation, and is HOA President at the Betsy Ross Condominiums, a wonderful 1928 Colonial Revival abode, where he currently resides.

Learn more about Robert in his introductory blog post.

Robert Mech – Meet a B&V'er – Board & Vellum

Ryan Adanalian – Meet a B&V'er – Board & Vellum

Ryan Adanalian

Project Associate

Ryan grew up in Southern California, and knew he wanted to be an architect the moment he won his fourth grade community park design competition. He traded the sun for snow, and earned his degree at the University of Colorado, Boulder, studying between snowboarding trips.

Following graduation, he wanted to get his hands dirty, so he took a job at a cabinet shop making furniture, installing flooring, and honing his craft with finish work. After a satisfying year working with his hands, he was ready to put his architecture degree to work, and chose Seattle for his next move.

Ryan was the first employee to be hired at Board & Vellum, and remains the heart and soul of the company.

Learn more about Ryan in his introductory blog post. / O: 206.866.6781 C: 206.486.0459

Ryan Champagne

Project Associate

Ryan grew up in Saratoga Springs, New York just a half day’s drive from Bates College in Lewiston, Maine where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in sculpture and photography. His career path was likely influenced equally by his mother, the art lover, and his father, a 3rd-generation single-family contractor who put Ryan to work on everything from sweeping, to framing, and everything in between.

Following graduation, he supported himself (and his rowing habit) by working in the construction field, and eventually started his own company back in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania. Somewhere along the line, all the arrows began to point towards architecture, and so he made his way west to the University of Oregon for graduate studies in architecture. A stint in Denmark with furniture, plus a little more single family construction and a few years working at SHKS Architects in Seattle, sealed the deal and he began to focus on single-family work, with a bit of historical preservation thrown in for good measure.

Ryan joined Board & Vellum to share what he has come to believe is important about architecture. In the realm of single-family work, most clients will only work with an architect once in their lives. That experience is all about education, relationships, compromises, and great design. When he’s not solving the world’s design problems, Ryan spends time with his lovely wife, Courtney, his amazing family and friends, two dogs, a cat, and way too many bikes.

Learn more about Ryan in his introductory blog post.

Ryan Champagne – Meet a B&V'er – Board & Vellum

Sandy Wolf – Meet a B&V'er – Board & Vellum

Sandy Wolf, AIA, LEED AP BD+C

Project Associate | Architect

Ohio native Sandy Wolf earned her dual bachelor’s degree in Architecture and Interior Architecture from Auburn University, and spent her thesis year at the school’s prestigious Rural Studio. Through that design-build program based in rural Alabama, she learned to weld, pour concrete, and “generally tolerate manual labor in the Alabama heat.”

Despite – or possibly thanks to – that experience, her career since has largely focused on urban settings. She relocated to Seattle in 2010, and prior to joining Board & Vellum, served as managing principal at JW Architects, a firm specializing in residential projects ranging from million dollar speculative homes to multi-family apartment buildings. Her résumé also includes designing commercial interiors for a Fortune 500 Company.

Although she loves exploring the PNW’s great outdoors, the self-proclaimed foodie, recycling enthusiast, and public transport devotee calls the city home. She lives with her husband and pet hedgehog, Frenchy, in Ballard, where she serves on the Ballard Avenue Landmark District Board.

Sara Emhoff

Project Associate

Born and raised just outside of Cleveland, Ohio, Sara had set her sights on architecture by the age of four. A childhood of pilgrimages to Fallingwater cemented her obsession with creative problem solving, and a love for the innate intimacy of designing living spaces.

She graduated from Kent State University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Architecture, then migrated to the Pacific Northwest, where she landed a job in a boutique residential architecture firm in Tacoma. She spent a decade focused on new waterfront homes and remodels, and finds working with clients and contractors to create unique, livable homes a truly rewarding experience.

She enjoys sharing her love of the built environment with her son Oliver while they discover new pockets of Seattle. Sara also enjoys experimenting with baked goods, the pursuit of great photography, historical novels, and champagne sangrias.

Learn more about Sara in her introductory blog post.

Tina Witherspoon - Meet a B&Ver - Profile Image

Tina Witherspoon

Director of Operations & Public Relations

Tina is a versatile administrative professional with over 15 years experience in the A&E industry. She has worn many hats, including Executive and Personal Assistant, Office Manager, Facilities Coordinator, Receptionist, and now Marketing Coordinator. She believes that organization and attention to detail are the hallmarks of polite society.

To balance the linear side of her life, Tina spends her free time making clothing as an independent fashion designer. She sells her limited edition designs under the label BOHO republic, and frequently contributes garments to charity fundraisers. At the end of every day, Tina rides a ferry to Vashon Island where she lives with her husband and furry kids. In what little time is leftover, she enjoys thrift shopping, photography, road trips, Seattle sunsets, and good red wine.

Learn more about Tina in her introductory blog post.

Todd Martell

Project Associate

Originally from the northwest corner of Minnesota, Todd grew up in a farm environment with the great outdoors as his playground. He would build forts and tree houses, and later discovered the connection between his love of building forts and drawing floor plans.

At the University of Minnesota, Todd explored architecture, cultural studies, and comparative literature, which prepared him well for graduate school and a Masters of Architecture degree from Iowa State University. While studying, he was exposed to new challenges and design influences, and developed his personal motto: “Never stop learning.”

Following grad school and the challenge of finding his first job, a posting for employment in Seattle caught his eye, and called him to the Pacific Northwest. He spent four years at GGLO, contributing to large multi-family projects, and working toward licensure. He’s looking forward to a change of pace and creating relationships with great residential clients.

In his spare time, Todd enjoys photography, biking, hiking, all day game-a-thons, kimchi-making with friends, or relaxing and enjoying the wonderful wine/cider/beer this region has to offer.

Learn more about Todd in his introductory blog post.

Todd Martell – Meet a B&V'er – Board & Vellum

Zack Thomas – Meet a B&V'er – Board & Vellum

Zack Thomas, PLA, LEED AP ND

Project Associate | Landscape Architect

After earning a Bachelor’s in German literature from Reed College, Zack went on to get a Master’s in ecology, hydrology, aquatic ecology at the University of Georgia. While pursuing that degree, he developed a special interest in urban ecosystems, which led him back to school – this time to earn his master’s in landscape architecture from the University of Washington.

Since then, he has worked on a number of high-profile and award-winning projects as a landscape designer and project manager at GGLO, Land Morphology, elm environments, and now Board & Vellum. Zack is a natural explorer, who includes traveling, camping, and long-distance cycling among his interests.

Learn more about Zack in his introductory blog post.