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Living Shelter Podcast on B&V Radio, from Board & Vellum

Living Shelter

A podcast hosted by Terry Phelan, an architect and sustainability specialist with 30+ years of hands-on experience.

Presenting today’s innovative people, processes, and materials that help us create healthy, energy efficient, and joyful places to live, the Living Shelter podcast dives deep with other green building groundbreakers in conversations to inspire the next generation of passionate architects and designers leading us into the future.

Alistair Jackson - Living Shelter Podcast, from Board & Vellum

Evolution of the Built Environment

How Buildings Must Change with the Climate with Alistair Jackson of O’Brien360

Guest Alistair Jackson discusses the history and current state of sustainable design, and where it’s heading.

Episode 008
July 26, 2023
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Jessi Bloom - Living Shelter Podcast, from Board & Vellum

Backyard Environmentalism

Using Permaculture for Climate Resilient Spaces with Jessi Bloom, co-author of Practical Permaculture

Guest Jessi Bloom discusses all-things permaculture, from its theories and ethics to its application in urban environments.

Episode 007
July 12, 2023
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Jonnie Pedersen - Living Shelter Podcast, from Board & Vellum

Bio-Based Buildings

How Hemp Can Make Our Homes and Planet Healthier with Jonnie Pedersen of Hempitecture

Guest Jonnie Pedersen discusses the effort to establish hemp as an standard material in the building, construction, and agricultural industries.

Episode 006
June 21, 2023
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David Eisenberg - Living Shelter Podcast, from Board & Vellum

Better Building Codes

A Regulatory Approach to Systemic Sustainability with David Eisenberg, co-author of The Straw Bale House

Guest David Eisenberg discusses his work to incorporate sustainable materials such as straw bale, cob, clay, and rammed earth into building code policies.

Episode 005
June 7, 2023
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Rachael Jamison - Living Shelter Podcast, from Board & Vellum

Natural Carbon Capture

The Role of Wood in a Sustainable Future with Rachael Jamison of the American Wood Council

Guest Rachael Jamison discusses carbon sequestration, diversity in the timber industry, and how building with wood is a “win-win” sustainable solution.

Episode 004
May 24, 2023
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Ellen Southard & Marin Bjork - Living Shelter Podcast, from Board & Vellum

Cultural Climate Action

Water Conservation as Social Justice with Ellen Southard & Marin Bjork of Site Story

Guests Ellen Southard and Marin Bjork discuss the importance of water infrastructure in communities, and how Site Story is working to make these systems more sustainable and accessible.

Episode 003
May 10, 2023
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Dave Bennink - Living Shelter Podcast, from Board & Vellum

Deconstruction over Demolition

Reclaiming Old Buildings For Construction’s Circular Economy with Dave Bennink of RE-USE Consulting

Guest Dave Bennink discusses the issue of waste in the construction industry, particularly, the process of demolition, advocating instead for deconstruction.

Episode 002
April 26, 2023
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Lucia Athens - Living Shelter Podcast, from Board & Vellum

From Vision to Viable Policy

Making Sustainability Personal with Lucia Athens, author of The Sustainability Revolutionists

Guest Lucia Athens discusses climate-positive policy on a local, state, and national scale, as well as the release of her latest book, The Sustainability Revolutionists.

Episode 001
April 26, 2023
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