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Backyard Artist Studio – Board & Vellum

Backyard Artist Studio | Photo by Meghan Montgomery

Building Green, Landscape Architecture

Environmentally Responsible Landscape Design

Being a good partner to the planet often begins right at home. If you’re curious about ways you can integrate sustainable design into your yard, garden, and other outdoor areas, there are many options! It’s an excellent place to start thinking about environmentally responsible landscape design.

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Backyard Artist Studio – Board & Vellum
Layering of Space

The backyard oasis is comprised of layered spaces and programs — framed by the new garage and studio, and the main house. Backyard Artist Studio | Photo by Meghan Montgomery

Custom Residential, Landscape Architecture

Using Drones for Site Planning

You’ve probably heard of drone technology — but did you know it can be an effective tool for design projects? We’re breaking down all the ways drone technology can improve your project, create efficiencies, and help you collaborate with your design team.

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Building Green

Straw Bale Construction FAQ

Have you ever heard of straw bale construction? It’s a form of building construction where bales of straw are stacked within a timber frame to insulate the walls. Not only is this a sustainable building method, it’s just plain cool. If you’e curious to know more, check out these frequently asked questions.

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Custom Residential

Do I Need a Feasibility Study?

A lot of questions come up when you embark on a design project. A lot of questions come up before embarking on a design project! A feasibility study, especially for complex or potentially complicated sites or projects, might be just what you need to kick off a successful project.

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Custom Residential

Fireplace Options For Your Home

If you’re considering adding a fireplace to your home or restoring an existing fireplace, the options may seem overwhelming. There are many things to consider, like aesthetic goals, ambiance, and sustainability. Luckily, we've assembled this essential guide on fireplaces to help you decide what’s right for you.

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Landscape Architecture

The Value of Hiring a Landscape Architect

Are you unsure if your project requires a landscape architect? Spoiler: it likely does. Landscape architects can help you gain a deeper understanding of your site, its composition, limitations, and areas of opportunity. If your project touches the soil, it's ideal to include a landscape architect early in the design process.

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Custom Residential, Historic & Traditional

Navigating Updates to Historic Homes

Are you curious about updating your landmarked home, or your home within a historic district? What kinds of considerations do you need to keep in mind? Is there anything you can’t do? What about things you have to do? These questions might seem overwhelming, but don't worry! We’re here to help.

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Custom Residential, Historic & Traditional

Updating Historic Homes Through Compatibility and Differentiation

When it comes to updating historic homes, there are a lot of routes you can take. Many approaches to designing remodels and additions of historic homes seek to balance two concepts: compatibility and differentiation. Let’s explore what these concepts mean and how do they play out in design.

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Custom Residential, Historic & Traditional

Landmarks vs. Historic Districts vs. Historic Homes

Do you have an older home and ever wondered whether it’s “historic?” There are a lot of phrases thrown around to describe different types of older homes, but what do they mean? And what does it mean if they apply to your home? Here, we dive into the world of historic homes!

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Questions to ask an architect at an interview. – Board & Vellum

Questions to Ask an Architect in an Interview: Advice for Clients

What should you ask a designer you are interviewing for your project? A good personality fit helps, but to help you hire with confidence, here are ten questions worth asking.

Questions to Ask a Landscape Architect or Site Design Team in an Interview – Board & Vellum

Questions to Ask a Landscape Architect or Site Design Team in an Interview

What should you ask a landscape architect you are interviewing? From design to fee, to timeline and more, here are ten questions you should ask before you hire.

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