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Small remodel, second-story addition, total home overhaul…

What type of project would you like to tackle in your home?

Your home is such a personal thing. It’s where you come to relax after a long day, it’s where you raised your kids — or plan to. Maybe, it’s your perfect, kid-free oasis. Maybe you plan to retire and age in place. Or, maybe this house is an investment, and you only plan on being here for a little while, until you head off on your next adventure. Whether you want to remodel a house to suit your changing lifestyle, or to optimize and personalize it in a way you never had the chance to before, or whether you want to make a few well-designed, surgical alterations — we understand that. More than anything, what we really love to do is design a way to balance your budget with your dreams so we can bring a project to life that you really love.

Custom Residential Design at Board & Vellum – Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape Architecture

What if I’m not sure?

Don’t worry. We know that architectural services are a big investment. We structure our services to help you refine not only what you wish for, but what you actually want to invest in. If it doesn’t pencil out for you to push onward, we’re happy to have helped you figure that out, so you don’t have to wonder anymore.

Is my project too small? (Or too big?)

Quite possibly not! We are a dynamic team able to handle projects large and small. We want to be the right fit for you. If we aren’t, we’ll point you in the direction of someone who can help.

What areas do you work in?

Though we are based on Capitol Hill in Seattle, we take on projects throughout the region. Don’t hesitate to ask: we have licenses in several states, and would love to help you out!

Here are some highlights from our custom residential portfolio.

Vaulting Ceilings into Former Attic Space

Seward Park Gables

Where there once were low, flat ceilings, there are now exposed trusses and metal collar ties contributing to the architectural drama of these newly-opened gabled spaces completely transforming the character of this home.

A kitchen with a California feel: blue painted base cabinets and bright red accents.
A Seattle Green Home with Midcentury Cali Vibes

Fremont High-Performing Home

This sustainably-minded home features solar panels, a rainwater cistern for graywater irrigation, sheep’s wool insulation, passive cooling strategies, and more.

Backyard Reading Retreat – Board & Vellum
Transforming an Overgrown Backyard

Backyard Reading Retreat

This petite backyard shed and yard are an urban oasis: the perfect place to relax and recharge in the busy city with a great book.

Colonial Restoration On The Hill – Historic Restoration – Board & Vellum – Historic Colonial home on Capitol Hill, viewed from the street.
Restoration of a Historic Home After a Fire

Colonial Restoration On The Hill

After suffering from fire and the associated water damage, this beautiful, historic Capitol Hill mansion needed careful restoration to return it back to its former glory.

Woodinville Pivot – Modern Interior Design – Board & Vellum
Custom Residential Interiors

Woodinville Pivot

Bold artwork and bright accents paired with a calm and natural supporting palette give this ’70s-era home a bright, light, and balanced contemporary look.

Cantilevered Home – Modern Cantilevered Residence – Board & Vellum
A New Home Above Puget Sound

Modern Cantilevered Residence

Sited on a steep cliff with tremendous water views, this cantilevered home embraces the sweeping views both physically and visually, reaching out to the water.

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Considering a project? Or, just curious about something?

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