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Charles Fadem

Associate | Interior Design

Charles viewed a Louis Kahn exhibit at the Philadelphia Museum of Art as a child that stuck with him and evolved into a fascination with architecture and design. While studying architecture at Cornell University, he joined the Journal of Architecture’s staff and met the Editor in Chief, a guy named Jeff, who also helped Charles get his first job in New York City following graduation.

Working for years in New York City, Charles forged an eclectic background, working in corporate interiors, residential interiors, historical restoration, and eventually high-rise, mixed-use residential. During that time, he founded a graphic design company, as well. Eventually, he landed at Handel Architects, a firm run by a few of his former professors. After a brief layover in Philly doing some freelance work, Charles moved to DC, first working at Shalom Baranes Associates, where he rediscovered his love of interiors. It was there that his passion for the challenge of designing the human scale experience took hold. It led to another unique opportunity at Hickok Cole Architects, working in their fledgling Lifestyle Interiors department.

Charles had been keeping tabs on Board & Vellum from afar, and got in touch when an opportunity opened up. He packed himself into a rental car and drove across the country with his dog, Q, a Tibetan Terrier named after the subway train back in New York. When he’s not designing interiors he can be found writing fiction, drooling over classic cars, or working on his own slightly less than classic ‘12 Mustang.

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Interior Design
Multifamily Residential
Third Places
Multifamily Residential

Why Amenity Spaces in Multifamily Buildings Are Worth It

If an apartment building’s amenity spaces are an afterthought during the design process, they’re going to feel like afterthoughts in someone’s life, too. Uninspired settings are not what today’s city dwellers are looking for. In a competitive market, without well-designed common spaces, your whole building may end up an afterthought to a potential renter.

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Interior Design, Retail

How to Design a Sense of “Home” into your Retail Space

Evoking a sense of “home” in a retail space can be a key factor in getting your customers to not only linger long enough to make a purchase, but to keep them coming back. But creating this type of experience takes more nuance than simply adding a couch — here’s what to consider when planning your space.

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Multifamily Residential

Why Lobbies in Multifamily Buildings Are Worth It

Do you remember the so-so lobbies you’ve passed through? Probably not. But do you have pleasant memories of the ones where you really spent some time? Of course! Great lobbies make a big impression. When they are well-designed, they impact our lives in ways that stick with us — the backdrop for important moments in our lives.

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Arts & Culture, News

B&V Radio: Podcasting from Board & Vellum

Heads up, everyone, Board & Vellum now has a podcast: Design Goggles, on B&V Radio! Tune in on iTunes or SoundCloud, and listen as hosts Charles and Rachel discuss with guests what it’s like living in Seattle during the city’s exciting, rapid growth, all through the lens of design.

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Why the Ceiling of Retail Spaces Is Important

When you’re planning the displays and layout of your retail space, it’s easy to neglect the ceiling. But, in a market dominated by online shopping, the experience of a physical shop is crucial. If a visitor is interrupted by noticing a neglected area, that can be enough to transport them out of the purchasing mindset.

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Photo of a '50s diner. – Third Place Evolution – Board & Vellum

Credit: Seattle Municipal Archives

Retail, Third Places

Evolution of the Third Place

Third Places have evolved over centuries, from the tea houses of the Jin Dynasty, to Central Perk of '90s fame, to our current, caffeinated Wi-Fi hotspots. But it's not caffeinated beverages (or Wi-Fi) that creates a successful space. So, what is it? Explore the common evolutionary thread in this latest installation about Third Places.

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Retail, Third Places

Third Places Count

Maybe you've heard the term "Third Place" lately, but aren't sure what it means? Well, we here at Board & Vellum love us a good Third Place, and our own Charles Fadem is here to walk you through what Third Places are, why they matter, and what it takes to make a good one.

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Interior Design, Third Places

Designing a Space for Play (Not Just for Kids!)

Recently Verne & Wells, a private gaming club in the Seattle area, hosted a game night at Board & Vellum's Below Grade lounge. Not only did we have a ton of fun, but it was a great reminder about the value of taking time to relax in space designed for play, even play for grown ups.

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Firm Culture

Introducing, Charles!

We're at it again! Meet the next, latest addition to Board & Vellum, Charles Fadem! Charles made the trek from East Coast to West Coast to join us here at Board & Vellum, and (spoiler alert) Charles knew our fearless leader, Jeff Pelletier, back in the day; so, read on for some insider pre-B&V tidbits!

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