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Architecture and Interior Design

Architecture vs. Interior Design – Venn Diagram of Architectural and Interior Design Services
What the heck is the difference between architecture and interior design? It's a common question, and not a stupid one at all! There is a lot of overlap between the two, and it can be confusing. We'll walk through the differences in services and help you decide how to craft the team for your project.

2015 Highlights and Year in Review

You may think that a year-end recap is a cliché, but either way, there's no doubt that you get a wonderful sense of accomplishment by stepping back and looking at all that happened in the preceding year! Quite frankly, 2015 was another ridiculous and amazing year, and we can't wait to carry on into 2016!

Night School 2: What Shapes Our Cities?

Night School 2: What Shapes Our Cities: Skyscapers & Sky - Cropped for Featured Image
Have you ever pondered the logistics of millions of people in a modern city all eating lunch within an hour of each other? The impact that food has on an urban environment is both enormous and fascinating, and lucky you: it's the topic of Board & Vellum's upcoming (and open to the public) Night School.

Eco Building Guild’s Green Slam Event

Eco Building Guild's Green Slam Event: Zack Semke & Jeff Pelletier, Representing Hammer & Hand and Board & Vellum - Cropped for Featured Image
For the second year in a row, a Board & Vellum project was selected for the annual Green Slam Event, organized by the Northwest Eco Building Guild. This time, we teamed up with Hammer & Hand to brag about our great clients and their quest for a more sustainable lifestyle in their remodeled Ballard Locks Residence.

Press for Urban Farmhouse

Press for Urban Farmhouse: Farmhouse Table As Island - Cropped for Featured Image
Our Urban Farmhouse project was recently featured in The Seattle Times' Pacific Northwest Magazine, in an article written by Rebecca Teagarden. We're thrilled to see the clients and their house celebrated in print!

Designing a Kitchen on a Budget

Designing a Kitchen on a Budget: Orange is the New Knob Kitchen View - Cropped for Featured Image
Just because you are designing a kitchen on a budget doesn't mean you have to skimp on style! Let us show you how combining IKEA cabinets with a couple of custom details where it shows can make your kitchen look like a completely custom job without breaking the bank.

How Long Should My Remodel Process Take?

How Long Should My Remodel Process Take: Schedule: As-Builts Through Schematic Design - Cropped for Featured Image
When you're considering remodeling your house, one of the most unfamiliar aspects is how long it will take from the moment you hire an architect until the moment it is all done and you’re relaxing in your new home. Don't worry, we are here to help with this illustrated post on the process!

Night School Recap

Night School Recap: Screening at Ada's - Cropped for Featured Image
Our inaugural B&V Night School was a success! We ate, drank, and watched a wonderful documentary, Citizen Architect. And, then we followed it up with a critical discussion about the role of architects, pro-bono work, student workforce, and adhering to building code, all of which you can read about here.

Jeff’s (Current) Top 10 Design Elements to Watch For

After years of experience, we designers start to see trends and patterns and are able to “read” floor plans quite quickly to determine what will, or will not, work. Of course, things change with time, so, until the next installment, these are Jeff's current Top Ten “hot-button issues” to look out for when designing your home.

Finding a Contractor

Just how do you go about finding the right contractor for your job? For one, we can help! There are all types of builders out there, and matching them with our clients is one of the key things we do to create a successful team for your project.

Building the Lego Room

Who says grownups can't have truly epic lego rooms? Your house is YOUR house: build something to support what makes you happy. At Board & Vellum, we love to embrace the individuality of our clients, and we hope Jeff's famous lego room inspires you to embrace your passions just a little bit more.

Designing Retail Spaces You Want to Linger In

Designing small-to-medium-size retail projects brings unique and exciting challenges, and great small retail brings so much to the life of a community. So, what does it take to create a space where customers slow their pace and linger? Retail spaces designed for the human scale, that promote curiosity and exploration.