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Ben Lynn

Ask an Architect, Custom Residential

Dreaming Big for Your New Dream House

When you imagine your “Dream Home,” what is it like? Some of us start dreaming from childhood, others as adults, and it’s easy to dream big, and then fear that it can only exist as a dream. But, don’t worry, with these tips we can help you convert your dream into an attainable reality.

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Arts & Culture

Edifice of Sound

Inspired by a Robert's recent post about what architecture sounds like. Ben explores how sound translates to space.

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Events, Firm Culture

Board & Velluween

Did you really think we wouldn't go all out for Halloween? Of course, we go all out, typical B&V Style! Check out this picture-laden post full of all the crazy we go into.

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Arts & Culture, Historic Preservation

Tournament of Ornament

Ben shares the details about his recent trip to San Francisco, discussing the role of buildings in terms of whether they are monuments or part of the urban fabric.

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Arts & Culture

A Hankering for Hexagons

Hexagons are pretty awesome, you've gotta admit. Bees have certainly made fantastic use of them. But what about us humans? Here, Ben explores the pros and cons of using hexagons in architectural design.

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We Are Small Business Proud

We are excited to announce that Board & Vellum is featured on a new web film, Small Business Proud, about the journey of small business owners from Washington to Georgia. Plus, if you get the chance, pop by and hear Jeff speak on a panel with fellow small business entrepreneurs, Matt Dillan and Liz Dunn.

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How To Pay For, Or Finance, a New Custom Home

Whether modern or traditional, a custom home can be designed to meet your family’s needs. You’ve just got to find a way to pay for it! Here is a look at a few of the options available for paying for — or financing — the construction of a new custom home.

Should I Dig Out My Basement?

Digging out your basement seems like an attractive solution to gaining more useable space in your home, but it’s complicated to do and can be quite expensive. These are a series of questions you should consider when weighing whether or not to excavate the basement in your home.

How To Know If Your Contractor is Doing a Good Job

As much as we may want it to be, nothing is perfect. Whether remodeling or building new, and regardless of how well-recommended your contractor is, unknown challenges will arise with your project. But, this is a navigable process, especially if you keep these tips in mind.

Do I Have Space for a Kitchen Island? (And Other Kitchen Island Questions)

Contrary to what you might read elsewhere, you can actually fit a kitchen island into a tighter space — you just have to design for it. Here are the details to keep in mind, as well as questions you’ll need to answer whether or not you have a small space to work with.

Common Bathroom Floor Plans: Rules of Thumb for Layout

There are a few typical floor plans to consider when designing the layout for a bathroom in your house. These eight lessons illustrate the common plan options and describes the advantages and disadvantages of each. Of course, there are always exceptions, and a good designer can find a solution that meets your needs.

What Is a Tenant Improvement Allowance?

As a business owner, understanding what a tenant improvement (or TI) allowance is, is essential to inform the choices you’ll make when selecting a new commercial space and negotiating your commercial lease. The TI allowance will also define how much of the cost of your commercial build-out will come out of your pocket.

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