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B&V Radio: A New Podcast from Board & Vellum

Heads up, everyone, Board & Vellum now has a podcast: B&V Radio. Tune in on iTunes or SoundCloud, and listen as hosts Charles and Rachel discuss with guests what it’s like living in Seattle during the city’s exciting, rapid growth.

Imagining the Future of Architecture

Future of Architecture – Looking at architecture in a crystal ball.
What does the future of architecture look like? Will we toss out everything and be living and working in an entirely different system? Or, will the field evolve more gradually? Board & Vellum principal, Jeff Pelletier, looks 20 years ahead to explore how – and where – the profession may evolve in the years to come.

Night School 02.17: Authenticity in Design

Authenticity in Design: Monadnock Building Floor Plans – Board & Vellum Night School
What does authentic design mean to you? What makes a space look, feel, or be authentic? Join a lively discussion about it over some drinks and snacks with us on February 16th at 6 p.m. at Board & Vellum's Below Grade event space, as we kick off the 2017 Night School "school year" with a discussion on authenticity.

B&V’s “By Others” Gallery 02.09: Etta Lilienthal

Etta Lilienthal at By Others Gallery, Board & Vellum
Capitol Hill Art Walk is coming up, and Board & Vellum is hosting a brand new show by Etta Lilienthal. Read our Q&A and get to know the artist ahead of the February 9th opening reception for standstill, a site-specific installation in our public gallery space, “By Others.”

First Art Opening at Board & Vellum’s “By Others” Gallery

By Others – Artists' Reception for Caitie O'Donnell and Sid Gaines – Board & Vellum
Board & Vellum presents local artists Caitie O’Donnell and Sid Gaines in its inaugural opening of the By Others gallery. Native to the Pacific Northwest, Caitie O’Donnell’s work investigates the merging of strong graphic forms with abstract elements. Sid Gaines is showcasing two mini-series: Figures and Combinations, exploring the simultaneous fluid feedback and concrete nature of clay.

Board & Vellum Sponsors The Moth Mainstage, Hosted by Seattle Arts & Lectures

Board & Vellum Sponsors The Moth Mainstage - Mic Under the Lights
Board & Vellum is co-sponsoring The Moth Mainstage at Benaroya Hall with 88.5 KPLU, KUOW 94.9 FM Public Radio, and the Seattle Met, hosted by Seattle Arts & Lectures. Come join us on Wednesday, May 18th, 2016, and enjoy an evening of storytelling based around the theme "Ties that Bind," hosted by David Crabb.

In LEGO, We Connect – A Gallery Review

It's no secret that we are big LEGO lovers at Board & Vellum, so we were intrigued to hear of a new photography exhibit at the Bryan Ohno Gallery focusing on LEGO photography: “In LEGO, We Connect.” Of course, we went to check it out, and, (also, of course), we wrote this little review of it.

The Modern Day Artist Salon

Wouldn’t it be great if we had something like the artists’ salons of the early 1900s here in Seattle today? What would they be like, and if we were to try to foster the emergence of some modern-day artist salons, what would we do, and who could we emulate?

Look up! Architectural Terracotta Everywhere

Ever been walking along 3rd Avenue in downtown Seattle and happen to look up and see a bunch of walruses staring back down at you, complete with tusks the size of your head? Seattle is home to many great examples of architectural terracotta, and Robert Mech is here to tell you all about it.

Local Art

It’s time for the First Thursday Art Walk again! Does seeing all the local art is get you inspired to create some yourself? Wonderful! Lucky for us Seattle dwellers, this town has a ton of great resources to help you out along the way. Check out a few of them here, curated by David Litzler.

“Off The Hook” – The Etymology of Your Phone Number

Did you know that the digits of your phone number actually have a history linking them to letters? Or, that the concept of “dialing” a phone came way later than the phone itself? Robert Mech explores all this and more in this post about phones, and he most certainly did not “phone it in.”

Photography + Promotion

As the Marketing Coordinator for Board & Vellum (and the only non-architect in the office), I consider every project to have a final phase that includes professional photography and promotion. The best representation of our firm’s work is through photographs that clearly articulate the design and the final product. After all, a picture is worth […]