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From architecture to interiors to landscape, from projects large to small, and everything in between… It‘s a lot of information to take in! But, we are big proponents of maintaining an avid sense of curiosity. It leads to better design, and that‘s what we‘re all about! So, whether you‘re looking to expand your own horizons, or whether you‘re hoping to learn a little more about how we think and operate at Board & Vellum, consider this your resource archive, pre-sorted into all the subject areas we get excited about, so you can take it in, bit by bit.

Advice for Young Architects – Topics Archive – Board & Vellum

Advice for Young Architects

The profession of architecture is built on mentorship. Everyone has different advice, and those varying perspectives build a rich set of resources.

Arts & Culture – Topics Archive – Board & Vellum

Arts & Culture

The best design evolves from the collaboration of designers with the greater world. We love being a part of — and contributing to — the larger arts & culture community.

Ask an Architect – Topics Archive – Board & Vellum

Ask an Architect

Architecture and design should be approachable! We are here to answer your questions, clarify those tricky issues, and generally shine a bright light on the design process.

Building Green – Topics Archive – Board & Vellum

Building Green

We take sustainability seriously and support a science-based approach. Building green is more than a checklist, it’s a philosophy and a commitment to meaningful results.

Civic – Topics Archive – Board & Vellum


We love designing projects that engage communities, like parks and other public spaces. From blog posts, to projects, and more, see how we’re engaged in the civic realm.

Commercial – Topics Archive – Board & Vellum


We love designing commercial spaces, and there is a lot that goes into it! From blog posts, to projects, and recognition, explore Board & Vellum’s commercial repertoire here.

Custom Residential – Topics Archive – Board & Vellum

Custom Residential

We offer custom residential architecture, interior design, and landscape architecture services for new construction and remodels, in a variety of styles.

Events – Topics Archive – Board & Vellum


Board & Vellum loves a good party. But we also love volunteer opportunities, great lectures, and other community events — and think you might love them, too.

Firm Culture – Topics Archive – Board & Vellum

Firm Culture

We nurture our firm culture very carefully, and we’ve been recognized as a great place to work as a result. We‘re changing the game of what it means to be a design firm.

Historic & Traditional – Topics Archive – Board & Vellum

Historic & Traditional

Whether you are restoring an old relic, or want new construction in traditional style, we’ve got the team for you, including specialists in historic preservation and restoration.

Interior Design – Topics Archive – Board & Vellum

Interior Design

The final finishing touches interior design brings to a project so often are what makes a space feel so special, so experiential, and so true to the vision.

Landscape Architecture – Topics Archive – Board & Vellum

Landscape Architecture

Landscape architecture elevates the design of any project. Our landscape team works both independently and embedded within our architecture and interior design studios.

Lucille on Roosevelt – Hive 68th & Roosevelt – Board & Vellum

Multifamily & Mixed-Use

Our integrated architecture, interior design, and landscape studios help take your multifamily or mixed-use project to the next level to support a healthy community.

Firm Culture – Topics Archive – Board & Vellum


What’s new at Board & Vellum? All our blog posts or other media that cover news-worthy events and happenings are corralled here. Check it out!

Other Tangents – Topics Archive – Board & Vellum

Other Tangents

Sometimes when you’re writing, you just can’t help going off on other tangents about one thing or another. Those posts are collected here.

Seattle Design Community – Topics Archive – Board & Vellum

Seattle Design Community

What’s happening in Seattle’s design community? When we get to experience something new (or old) and write about it, you’ll find it collected here.

The Business of Design – Topics Archive – Board & Vellum

The Business of Design

We’ve learned a lot about running a design firm over the years, so we’re lifting the curtain on our methods, philosophy, and plans for the future.

Third Places – Topics Archive – Board & Vellum

Third Places

Designing so-called “Third Places” (those favorite spots other than home and work where you spend your time) is among our favorite things! And, we like to talk about it, too.

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