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Our historic & traditional portfolio projects.

Craftsman Manor Resurrection – Architecture & Landscape Architecture by Board & Vellum
Preservation & Modernization of a Historic Home

Craftsman Manor Resurrection

After decades without an update, this old Craftsman home is restored, both with some modern adaptations and some beautiful original details.

Craftsman Bungalow Restoration – Board & Vellum
Historic Detailing in a Craftsman Home

Craftsman Bungalow Restoration

A whole-house remodel approached room by room, detail by detail, to incrementally and respectfully restore the classic charm of the home’s historic detailing.

Puget Sound Bluff Home – Cape Cod Style Remodel of a Historic Home with Water Views
Historic Cape Cod Style Home Remodel

Puget Sound Bluff Home

With a newly-opened plan, this Cape Cod style home has a kitchen worth hanging out in all day, and water views from nearly every room.

Colonial Restoration On The Hill – Historic Restoration – Board & Vellum – Historic Colonial home on Capitol Hill, viewed from the street.
Restoration of a Historic Home After a Fire

Colonial Restoration On The Hill

After suffering from fire and the associated water damage, this beautiful, historic Capitol Hill mansion needed careful restoration to return it back to its former glory.

Addition to a Craftsman home. – Craftsman in Blue – Board & Vellum
A Seamless Addition to a Traditional Home

Craftsman in Blue

This three-story addition to a Craftsman home gave a family the room they needed to grow, while respecting the home’s classic Craftsman details.

A House for Bear – Remodel on Federal – Board & Vellum
Traditional Architectural Details for a Remodel

A House for Bear

The historic details of this home were preserved, restored, and built anew, as needed, to ensure that this updated home still celebrates its storied details.

Our historic & traditional posts.

Custom Residential, Historic & Traditional

Navigating Updates to Historic Homes

Are you curious about updating your landmarked home, or your home within a historic district? What kinds of considerations do you need to keep in mind? Is there anything you can’t do? What about things you have to do? These questions might seem overwhelming, but don't worry! We’re here to help.

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Custom Residential, Historic & Traditional

Updating Historic Homes Through Compatibility and Differentiation

When it comes to updating historic homes, there are a lot of routes you can take. Many approaches to designing remodels and additions of historic homes seek to balance two concepts: compatibility and differentiation. Let’s explore what these concepts mean and how do they play out in design.

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Custom Residential, Historic & Traditional

Landmarks vs. Historic Districts vs. Historic Homes

Do you have an older home and ever wondered whether it’s “historic?” There are a lot of phrases thrown around to describe different types of older homes, but what do they mean? And what does it mean if they apply to your home? Here, we dive into the world of historic homes!

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Ask an Architect, Custom Residential, Historic & Traditional, Interior Design

Matching a Historic Feel with Modern Materials

How authentic does something really need to be? When you remodel a historic home, or just love a lived-in look, it can be difficult to determine when (and how) to make a new object or material look original. Here, we’ve laid out a few rules of thumb to follow if you’re ever in this predicament yourself.

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Arts & Culture, Historic & Traditional

Look up! Architectural Terracotta Everywhere

Ever been walking along 3rd Avenue in downtown Seattle and happen to look up and see a bunch of walruses staring back down at you, complete with tusks the size of your head? Seattle is home to many great examples of architectural terracotta, and Robert Mech is here to tell you all about it.

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Arts & Culture, Historic & Traditional

“Off The Hook” – The Etymology of Your Phone Number

Did you know that the digits of your phone number actually have a history linking them to letters? Or, that the concept of “dialing” a phone came way later than the phone itself? Robert Mech explores all this and more in this post about phones, and he most certainly did not “phone it in.”

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Our historic & traditional recognition stories.

Historic Seattle Exemplary Restoration Award 2018 – PRAG House – Colonial Restoration on the Hill – Board & Vellum

Historic Seattle’s 2018 Exemplary Restoration Award

We are honored to accept Historic Seattle’s 2018 Exemplary Restoration Award for the PRAG House, the Colonial Restoration on the Hill.

2014 Historic Seattle Preservation Awards

Ada’s Technical Books & Café Wins Historic Seattle Preservation Award

Historic Seattle honored Danielle and David Hulton, owners of Ada’s Technical Books & Café, and team, with an award for Preserving Neighborhood Character.

Our historic & traditional team team members.

Christopher Palms is a Senior Associate and architect at Board & Vellum, an architecture, interior design, and landscape architecture firm in Seattle, Washington.

Christopher Palms, AIA, LEED AP

Senior Associate, Architecture

Christopher is an experienced architect with lifelong interests in photography and music that have led him across the globe exploring how culture, buildings, language, and art unite us all.

Lance Hayes is a Senior Associate and architect at Board & Vellum, an architecture, interior design, and landscape architecture firm in Seattle, Washington.

Lance Hayes, AIA

Senior Associate, Architecture

Lance’s passion for architecture has allowed him to explore all over the country. The Montana native loves dramatic landscapes (natural and architectural) and enjoys expressing that love through the artistic lens.

Mira Mui is an Associate and architect at Board & Vellum, an architecture, interior design, and landscape architecture firm in Seattle, Washington.


Associate, Architecture

Whether a remodel, retrofit, or new multifamily development, Mira loves to unearth and maximize the potential that was always there. She’s passionate about building reuse, sustainability, and DIY projects on her Central Washington cabin.

Nicole McKernan is an Associate at Board & Vellum, an architecture, interior design, and landscape architecture firm in Seattle, Washington.

Nicole McKernan

Associate, Architecture

Nicole has a passion for designing spaces that are both functional and enjoyable to inhabit. She loves collaborating on multidisciplinary teams where egos take a backseat and great ideas are born from diverse perspectives and lively discussions.

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