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Our interior design services.

New Construction, Whole-House Transformations

Custom Homes

Designing and building a custom home from the ground up can be both deeply personal and highly complex. Our integrated design teams — architecture, interior design, and landscape architecture — can help you navigate the process with ease to create a home and property you love from indoors to out.

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Finishes, Fixtures, Furnishings, Function, Flow

Residential Interiors

The finishing touches interior design adds to a project make it feel truly special and uniquely personal. From simply helping to select a few finishes, to engaging in comprehensive interior design services, our interiors team loves to collaborate with you to create beautiful, meaningful spaces you’ll be delighted to call home.

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Refreshes & Renovations of Multifamily Properties

Multifamily Remodel & Repositioning

With in-house teams in architecture, interior design, and landscape architecture, we are uniquely positioned to collaborate on the reinvention and repositioning of aging multifamily housing stock. Whether or not you already have a refreshed brand for the community, we’ll design the environment to attract your target resident, and breathe new life into your multifamily development.

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Restaurants, Retail, Workspaces


We build dynamic, multidisciplinary teams customized for the needs of your project. Whether you are starting from scratch opening your first space, or updating your existing brick-and-mortar location, we’ll collaborate with you to design a commercial experience true to your brand and values.

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Cafés, Bars, Third Places, Retail Environments

Restaurants & Retail

In our digitally-focused world, the design of brick-and-mortar spaces is more important than ever. Our integrated architecture, interior design, and landscape architecture teams design holistic, stimulating experiences for your restaurant or retail space, enticing visitors to return again and again, and to share their excitement about your business organically.

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Hybrid Workspace, Open Plan, Private Offices, Coworking

Offices & Workspaces

Though the landscape of in-person offices and workspaces is changing, the essentials remain the same: you need a place where you, your team, and your guests can feel both comfortable and productive. From coworking spaces to private office build-outs, we create welcoming workspaces that suit your unique needs and help you get your work done well.

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Our interior design studios.

Custom Residential, Multifamily, Commercial, Civic

Interior Design

Interior spaces are often the ones we get physically closest to, interacting with the layout of a space, actually touching the materials. Great interior design makes the places we live, work, and play not only functional, but delightful. We are a passionate team of designers, eager to collaborate with you to create beautiful, meaningful, finished spaces for your home, business, or multifamily project.

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Our interior design portfolio projects.

A bookstore coffee shop on Capitol Hill. – Interior design and retail interiors by Board & Vellum.
A New Take on a Classic Capitol Hill Café

Fuel Coffee on 19th

Two Seattle brands come together in a reimagined space highlighting the best of both: lively, energetic Fuel Coffee and quirky, homey Ada’s Technical Books and Café.

North Beach Refresh – Board & Vellum
Interior and Exterior Whole-House Reinvention

North Beach Refresh

Without adding any new square footage, this house and yard feel like a whole new home, with cohesive spaces flowing seamlessly from indoors to out.

Seven Starlings Workloft – Board & Vellum
Brand Identity & Interiors for a Boutique Coworking Space

Seven Starlings Workloft

An immersive brand experience for a commercial space anchored in a conceptual exploration of biomimicry and emergence, brought to life by an integrated brand and interiors team.

Scout Apartments — Board & Vellum
Global Perspective Meets Pacific Northwest Chic

Scout Apartments

With an airy, yet cabin-like feel, this repositioned multifamily building brings the charm of the Pacific Northwest to updated amenity spaces.

Blue Ridge View Home – Board & Vellum
Reinventing a House and Yard to Enjoy the View

Blue Ridge View Home

With multidisciplinary services — architecture, interiors, and site design — this remodel feels truly customized just for this family, inside and out.

Condo at the Market – Modern Condo – Board & Vellum
Interior Remodel of a Downtown Seattle Condo

Condo at the Market

Refreshing a condominium unit once dominated by a beige materials palette with a modern aesthetic and an eye for tight architectural details.

Our interior design posts.

Custom Residential, Interior Design, Landscape Architecture, Multifamily & Mixed-Use

Storytelling in Design

What inspires designers to create beautiful projects? Just like making a fantastic dish to eat, it’s about more than the individual ingredients — it’s about how they all work together! In design, it’s so much more than meeting the basic programmatic needs of our clients. It’s about telling a story.

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Custom Residential, Interior Design

2021 Trendy and Timeless Design

Each year, materials and design styles come in and out of vogue. Sometimes, it feels like a game of chance, and other times we can see the changes coming from a mile away. As 2021 dawns, we’re reflecting on what design elements are here for the moment and what’s here to stay.

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Custom Residential, Interior Design

The Pros and Cons of Different Types of Toilets

Toilet options are a frequently asked question around here. Where do you start with so many options on the market? We picked our interior designers’ brains about everything toilets so you can go into your bathroom remodel with the info you need to pick the option right for you.

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Custom Residential, Interior Design

Three Ways to Create a Relaxing Bedroom

Bedrooms are a popular place to make changes when updating your home. From a primary suite to kids’ rooms to a guest bedroom, everyone deserves a restful and calming place to unwind. Here, we walk you through three simple ways to create a relaxing bedroom you'll want to hang out in — awake or asleep.

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Ask an Architect, Custom Residential, Historic & Traditional, Interior Design

Matching a Historic Feel with Modern Materials

How authentic does something really need to be? When you remodel a historic home, or just love a lived-in look, it can be difficult to determine when (and how) to make a new object or material look original. Here, we’ve laid out a few rules of thumb to follow if you’re ever in this predicament yourself.

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Commercial, Interior Design, Third Places

The Personalized Hospitality Experience

Before Covid-19 shifted our world, personalized hospitality experiences, like private dining rooms and by-appointment-only shopping, were considered luxuries reserved only for an elite few. But, with social distancing recommendations in place — driven first by necessity and later by comfort — it’s possible some of these once-elite experiences become more common. Here’s a look at how some of this could evolve.

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Our interior design recognition stories.

Board & Vellum earns Best of Houzz for “Design” for the 9th year in a row.

Best of Houzz 2022: Design

We enjoy the collaborative process of our work — with 80 five-star reviews on Houzz, we’re thrilled to see our clients and collaborators are happy, too. We are excited to be recognized for Design for the 9th year in a row.

On Home Builder Digest’s lists of recommended architects for single-family residential projects in Sammamish, Tacoma, and Woodinville..

Best Residential Architects in Sammamish, Tacoma & Woodinville

On Home Builder Digest’s vetted lists of recommended architects for single-family residential projects in these Pacific Northwest locales.

Board & Vellum is on the list of Best Retail Architects in Seattle, vetted and compiled by Seattle Architects.

The Best Retail Architects in Seattle

Board & Vellum is on the list of Best Retail Architects in Seattle, vetted and compiled by Seattle Architects. With architecture, interiors, and landscape in-house we can be the agile team you need to create your brick-and-mortar retail space.

Board & Vellum earns Best of Houzz in both the “Design” and “Service” categories, for the 8th year in a row.

Best of Houzz 2021: Design & Service

We are excited to be recognized for the 8th year in a row with Best of Houzz awards for both Design and Service. Many, many thanks to our wonderful clients and partners who’ve collaborated with us over the years!

Fixr’s Top 200 Experts in the Construction Industry 2019 – Jeff Pelletier at Board & Vellum

Fixr’s Top 200 Experts in the Construction Industry 2020

In the architecture and construction industry, Fixr releases an annual list of who they consider experts in the construction industry. Jeff Pelletier has made the cut for the last four years!

Best Restaurant Architects in Seattle: Board & Vellum makes the 2020 list.

Best Restaurant Architects in Seattle: Seattle Architects’ 2020 List

Seattle Architects includes Board & Vellum on their list of the 15 Best Restaurant Architects in Seattle in 2020.

Our interior design team team members.

Kristin Jensen – Director of Interior Design at Board & Vellum

Kristin Jensen, LEED AP ID+C

Director, Interior Design

Kristin’s passion for interior design is complemented by her love of the outdoors. When she’s not riding her bike or doing other cliché PNW things, you can find her in the kitchen, listening to podcasts and cooking up a storm.

Abbas Rachaman – Senior Associate, Interior Design at Board & Vellum

Abbas Rachaman

Senior Associate, Interior Design

With a decade of experience, Abbas knows what it takes to bring a project to life. Outside the office, he spends the chilly season indoors and the warmer months exploring the city and traveling with friends.

Jennifer Ross – Senior Associate, Interior Design at Board & Vellum

Jennifer Ross, NCIDQ, LEED GA

Senior Associate, Interior Design

Jennifer loves brainstorming with a collaborative team to come up with creative design solutions for residential projects of all sizes. In her free time, you might find Jennifer traveling with her family, gardening, and otherwise enjoying the outdoors.

Robin Quinn – Senior Associate, Interior Design at Board & Vellum

Robin Quinn, NCIDQ, LEED Green Associate

Senior Associate, Interior Design

Robin is delighted by the imaginative journey her interior design career has taken. In every project, she likes to celebrate the unexpected, especially the “ah-ha” moments where work and planning come together into a cohesive design.

Brie Martin – Associate, Interior Design at Board & Vellum

Brie Martin

Associate, Interior Design

Brie is passionate about taking an idea to the next level with design that marries aesthetic, expression, and comfort. She's also discovered a new passion: construction documents!

Peter Altier – Associate | Interior Design at Board & Vellum

Peter Altier

Associate, Interior Design

Peter focuses on multifamily and commercial projects where, in addition to his years of multifamily and commercial interiors experience, he brings a passion for sustainability and desire to make every space a unique expression of the client's wants and needs.

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