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Our 2023 Interior Design Forecast

Trying to stay ahead of the design-trend curve? Us too. And for good reason! There are so many beautiful trends having and about to have their moment – not just ”for now,“ but as lasting elements of beautiful design. Our 2023 Interior Design Forecast is here to help you get to know upcoming trends you’ll love.

January 12, 2023

Design is what we do — and as industry specialists who live and breathe it, it’s important for us to stay in front of emerging trends. Not to mention, when you’re designing all day, every day, it’s hard not to take note of styles as they heat up and become more commonly requested. That’s why we’re using our experience and foresight to bring you our official 2023 Interior Design Forecast so you can stay up to date on all things design.

Design trends: forecasting for 2023.

We always want to encourage designing to your own personal preferences. But if you’re looking for a little design inspo then look no further. Here are some of the latest and greatest trends we’ve noticed and loved.

Rounded Corners

At the top of our 2023 Interior Design Forecast are rounded corners and soft edges. Instead of sharp angles, arches and curves are having a moment.

Cooper Apartments Amenity Refresh – Multifamily Remodel & Refresh – Board & Vellum
Curves Galore

Rounded corners on this countertop add a retro twist to this space, and complement the modern wood elements as well as other curves in the design, like the round-framed booths in the back.

We’re seeing this applied to materials like tile, textiles, and wallpaper, as well architectural forms like cased openings, casework details, and even countertops. Rounded corners feel simultaneously retro and modern, and add a softer feel especially when paired with more rigid materials like wood and tile.

Formal Transitions Between Spaces

We know — you might be surprised to see this one! But the reality is, we’re finding the open floor plan is on the downtrend, and our 2023 Interior Design Forecast is that this isn’t going away any time soon. People are becoming less inclined to have one open space for common areas and are, instead, opting for various types of transitions.

A home with a California feel and midcentury design feel with wood accents. – Board & Vellum, Custom Residential Design Services
Time for Transitions

Creating functional transitions between rooms can offer an opportunity to make even more of your space, like this up-high bookcase, which adds visual interest to the transition between this living room and dining room.

Whether it’s a cased opening, transitions in floor materials, ceiling details, or a full wall, some amount of transition is definitely making its way back. A compartmentalized space can help keep clutter and messes hidden from guests while still allowing you to use and enjoy other spaces – like hiding the dishes from the fancy meal you just cooked from your guests!

Zellige Tile

Zellige Tile, or handcrafted glazed terracotta, is one of our favorite materials moving into 2023. It’s a type of artisanal tile with hand-worked qualities like textural pitting, crackling, iron spots, shade or size variations, and hand-chiseled edges.

An interior design material palette consisting of medium wood, brown leather, white and blue tiles, and blue textiles accented with yellow.
Standout Tile

That beautiful blue tile in front is Zellige. We love the organic texture paired with other natural materials like leather and wood.

These features allude to Zellige’s centuries-old fabrication process and are testaments to old-world craftsmanship. We anticipate seeing more of this style as the focus shifts away from more machined, straight-cut tiles.


Our 2023 forecast shows a strong desire for biophilia in design and biophilic design elements. Defined as “a love of life or all living things,” biophilic design aims to integrate or bring nature into home design and architecture. Perhaps after years of quarantine, people are inspired to incorporate more of the outside into their personal spaces!

An architectural rendering of a multifamily building's mail room. The floor has a tiled envelope on it and the walls are covered in a snail-design wallpaper, playing off the idea of
Snail Mail

We can't always go all-in on biophilic design, but we love to do what we can. Here, bold snail wallpaper nods to nature and makes a fun reference to "snail mail".

While houseplants have long been popular, we’re seeing biophilia being taken even further in recent design. References to natural life in prints like wallpapers and textiles, art, and accessories help occupants reflect on the natural world from indoors.

Organic Colors and Materials

Nature-lovers rejoice! We’re seeing an increased interest in colors and tones found in nature. Shades of green and brown, and pops of bolder, seasonal colors like plum, rich golds, deep lavenders, and rusty terra cottas will also come into rotation as people continue to bring the outdoors within.

The point of sale counter at Armistice Coffee & Cocktails, a coffeeshop in the Lucille on Roosevelt. – Commercial Retail Design by Board & Vellum
Natural Beauty

Evergreen subway tile and rich wood paneling keep this space feeling modern and deeply rooted in the natural environment of the PNW.

And, perhaps related to a recent and increasing push towards sustainable, natural materials and also on the rise. Materials such as wood and stone aren’t just being used as structural elements, but as interior materials where their natural beauty is highlighted and allowed to shine.

Bold Colors and Patterns

If neutrals aren’t your thing, fear not. In our 2023 Interior Design Forecast, vibrant, saturated hues paired with dynamic patterns and prints are here to stay.

The Snohomish Estate turret loft with teal green tufted chairs, royal blue carpet, and gold wallpaper with a peacock motif.
Colors on Colors on Prints

We love this space for its playful peacock wallpaper, vibrant teal chairs, and moody black accents.

We love using bold colors and prints in fun applications, such as wallpapered ceilings, color gradient bathroom tile, and multi-color-blocked kitchen cabinets. This can create a punchy, unexpected statement when paired with a neutral backdrop, or you can go maximalist with a variety of colors and patterns that complement your space.

Integrated or Hidden Appliances

Built-in kitchen features that hide everyday appliances are becoming more innovative and are certainly on the rise within minimalist, modern design.

Modern Kitchen in a Craftsman Home – Board & Vellum
Hide & Seek

Can you see the refrigerator? It’s hard to spot and that’s the point (it’s on the left, in case you were wondering). This modern kitchen benefits from the clean lines of a fridge that blends in with the cabinets.

We’ve especially been seeing buzz around integrated stovetops, which pass heat through the countertop and allow the user to cook directly on it. This integration eliminates the “break” in countertop material — meaning your countertop can be larger and more intricately patterned. It also increases the area of usable space available when the stovetop is not in use, making it a great solution for smaller kitchens needing to preserve worktop space.

Have fun designing in 2023!

We hope you’ve found a few ideas that have sparked some design inspiration for all your 2023 home renovation plans. Whether you’re building a new home, updating your existing space, building out a new commercial or retail space, or embarking on a multifamily development or refresh, it’s great to stay in the know on where design is heading. Here’s to a stylish new year!

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