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Our building green posts.

Building Green

The Inherent Sustainability of Small Dwellings

In the ever-evolving world of sustainable design, finding sustainable ways to live and build can seem like a complicated puzzle to solve. But what if there were an easy way to lower your impact? Turns out, living in a sustainable home may be simpler than you realize — just think small!

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Building Green

Sustainability in Buildings: High-Tech or Low-Tech

If you have sustainability goals for your project, it may be difficult to know whether low-tech, passive strategies are the way to go, or if high-tech solutions are going to better meet your goals. Here, we’ll walk you through when to crunch numbers and when to just follow your gut.

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Building Green

What Kind of Sustainable Home is Most “You”?

Sustainable homes come in all shapes and sizes. If you’re thinking of upgrading your home with more sustainable options or are building a new home altogether, it’s worth considering your sustainability priorities and what type of sustainable home will best meet them. So, what kind of sustainable home best suits you?

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Sustainability in Park Design

In the Pacific Northwest, the heat is literally on. Last summer, we experienced record-breaking heat in Seattle and, in Washington State, we recently adopted the Climate Commitment Act that requires a drastic reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and carbon pollution to net zero by 2050. Can investing in sustainable park infrastructure help us meet those goals?

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Living Shelter Architects and Board & Vellum Join Forces

We’ve been keeping a secret, but it’s for a good reason, and we’re pleased to finally get to share! We’ve always been dedicated to bringing our clients the best we have to offer in our services, approach, and design philosophy. Now with Living Shelter Architects joining the team, we’re excited to be able to provide even more to our community.

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Building Green

The Basics of Building & Material Reuse

You may be familiar with the idea of building reuse in design, but did you know “reuse” actually covers a wide range of project types and approaches? While each type is unique, and some might lend themselves better to certain project types, each kind is integral to sustainable building and design practices.

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Our building green recognition stories.

BUILD Sustainable Building Awards: Board & Vellum honored as

BUILD Sustainable Building Awards 2019

We’re honored that BUILD magazine has named us the "Architecture & Interior Design Firm of the Year" in Washington state in their Sustainable Building Awards, 2019.

Built Green Certified: 4-Star Rating

Built Green Certified 4-Star Rating for Ballard Locks Residence

Our Ballard Locks Residence is now Built Green Certified with a 4-Star rating. Many thanks to wonderful clients and the team at Hammer & Hand!

2014 Green Building Slam

Ada’s Technical Books & Café Featured at the 2014 Green Building Slam

At the 2014 Green Building Slam, Board & Vellum presented Ada's Technical Books & Café, featured as one of 10 projects honored.

Master Builders Association of King and Snohomish Counties: 2014 Green Remodeling Excellence Award

Ada’s Technical Books & Café Wins 2014 REX Award

Board & Vellum's Ada's Technical Books & Café is honored with a Green Remodeling Excellence (REX) award in 2014.

Our building green team team members.

Terry Phelan – Director, Sustainable Practice – Board & Vellum

Terry Phelan, RA

Director, Sustainable Practice

Terry is passionate about educating the public and mentoring designers on the benefits of sustainable design. When she isn’t writing, teaching, or podcasting on the subject, Terry’s spending time in her garden!

D. Troy Howe – Senior Associate, Architect – Board & Vellum

D. Troy Howe, AIA, RA, CPHC®

Senior Associate, Architect

With a diverse background in both construction and architecture, Troy brings a practical and philosophical approach to design. He’s dedicated to creating authentic spaces that reflect the spirit of their locations and users.

Roy Stark McGarrah – Senior Associate, Architect – Board & Vellum

Roy Stark McGarrah

Senior Associate, Architecture

Roy is dedicated to bringing the built and natural environments together in design that prioritizes community and connection, for final products that are as artful as they are functional.

Elisa DeVita – Associate, Architecture – Board & Vellum

Elisa DeVita

Associate, Architecture

Elisa is dedicated to giving back to the community through sustainable design. She uses her deep well of technical skills to prioritize building performance beyond building code.

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