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Andrea Detweiler —  Associate | Architect at Board & Vellum

Firm Culture

Introducing, Andrea!

Say hi to Andrea, our most recent addition to the B&V team! Adding to our collection of UO grads, Andrea joins us with experience on multifamily, custom residential, and commercial projects. Also, she owns a 35' sailboat — when you’re done asking her design questions, ask her where she likes to sail on a sunny weekend!

September 10, 2019


I’m Andrea, and I am excited to have joined the wonderful team at Board & Vellum. I love the variety of projects that I will get to work on here, especially multifamily work, which is my biggest passion. I love to come up with designs that are successful both in the eyes of building owners and future residents.

I grew up in Indiana and got my bachelor’s degree at Goshen College. After earning my Master of Architecture degree at the University of Oregon, I moved to Seattle and have spent the last four years working on multifamily, custom residential, and commercial projects. My favorite niche in architecture has been Passive House work — the kind of innovative buildings that set the bar for sustainable energy use. But while I can nerd out endlessly about envelope detailing for optimal thermal performance, what I truly love about my job is getting to know my clients and coworkers. My fellow B&V’ers boast a fantastic mix of unique personalities!

My friends know me as a “yes” person: someone who is down to try any new activity, at least once. That is how I have grown to love things like rock climbing, board games, mountain biking, and most of all, sailing!

View of the Seattle skyline from a sailboat.

My boat Gusto underway in front of the Seattle skyline.

Since moving to Seattle, I learned to sail and I soon decided to buy my own boat. A year ago, I finally found a 35’ sailboat that I loved. I bought it named it “Gusto” because I had more gusto at the time than sailing experience or knowledge of boat maintenance. I’ve learned a lot from owning a boat, and the beautiful excursions out on the Puget Sound have more than made up for all the work it takes to maintain it. I love to introduce newcomers to sailing and take trips across the water using nothing but the power of the wind.

Meet Gusto, our latest B&V'er, Andrea Detweiler's boat, an S2 35’ center cockpit sloop.

To sailors, Gusto is an S2 35’ center cockpit sloop. To everyone else, he is a two-bedroom, home-away-from-home adventure capsule and great way to kill time on a beautiful day on Puget Sound.

I am excited about the possibilities that my new position at Board & Vellum will bring. And very much excited about being a part of such a collaborative team!

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