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Introducing, Jeff Pelletier!

Hey, we just realized that Jeff hasn't written his "Intro" blog post, yet! So, here it is... He's not a new B&V'er you need to meet, but you should know a little something about him, as he's the original!

November 4, 2014


My name is Jeff Pelletier, and I’m excited to be the newest employee here at Board and... wait a second, I own this joint.

It occurred to us a while back, that while everyone here has a great introductory post, my intro to everyone went away when we swapped out website designs. So, while you can easily get to know every one of the great people here at Board & Vellum, it may be hard to get more info on me, aside from my bio on the About page. So, I thought I would take some time, and tell everyone a bit about me and how I came to run this awesome company.

I was born back in Fitchburg, Massachusetts, and attended Cornell University, where I received my Bachelor of Architecture. Cornell really shaped my views toward dedication to the craft, and also was the place where I met my partner-in-crime, my husband, Christopher, in my second year of the five year program. After college, we moved to New York City, where I worked in the World Trade Center at Mancini Duffy until we decided to relocate to Seattle in September of 2001 (yes, that was very good timing, and, thankfully, everyone I knew back in New York was able to get out of harm’s way).  I haven’t looked back since.

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While in Seattle, I’ve worked on custom residential projects, retail, and multi-family / high-rise projects. Before Board & Vellum, I was an associate at GGLO (which I can’t say enough good things about), and they taught me the skills to be bold, considerate, and prepared to take the risk to run my own firm (whether they realize that or not, they don’t actively encourage people to leave!). In early 2011, during the miserable recession days, I took the leap to found Board & Vellum. A lot of people thought I was crazy, but I was determined to use my drive and determination to be an advocate for a great bunch of early clients. I was fortunate to make it work, survive, and grow to where we are now.

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On the personal side, I have known since I was 2-years-old that I wanted to be an architect. (Although my mom, upon seeing me build little homes out of wood blocks and fill them with plastic furniture, used to joke that maybe I just wanted to be a furniture mover. I’m very grateful she supported me going in the architecture direction instead!) I was one of the kids with a room filled with LEGO bricks (and to be fair, I’m actually an adult, now, with a room filled with LEGO; some things never change). I absolutely love what I do.


I also LOVE this great city of Seattle. The shared passion of the people here is infectious, and being able to give back to this city is one of my greatest pleasures, as it gives so much back to me in return.

Here in this city, my husband and I are raising our two young sons, along with our two Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dogs, Helo and Athena (named after Battlestar Galactica characters, of course!). In my free time, (let’s be honest, I run a company and have two young kids, saying that I have “free” time is mildly humorous), I love to travel, ski on groomed cruisers, hike, cook ridiculously complicated meals, drink wine (good or bad), and spend time with my family and friends. I’m an extrovert and never afraid to jump into a party and bring people along with me. Life is a privilege, and it should be a damn good time.

In the meantime, I hope to see you around the office some day. Always feel free to swing on by and say hey, or, let's meet up for a cup of coffee, or a glass of wine. Cheers!

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