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Building the Lego Room

Who says grownups can't have truly epic lego rooms? Your house is YOUR house: build something to support what makes you happy. At Board & Vellum, we love to embrace the individuality of our clients, and we hope Jeff's famous lego room inspires you to embrace your passions just a little bit more.

Designing Retail Spaces You Want to Linger In

Designing small-to-medium-size retail projects brings unique and exciting challenges, and great small retail brings so much to the life of a community. So, what does it take to create a space where customers slow their pace and linger? Retail spaces designed for the human scale, that promote curiosity and exploration.

Ada’s Technical Books and Café

Ada's Technical Books & Café – Adaptive Reuse of a Capitol Hill Home
Ada’s Technical Books and Café Ada Lovelace was a 19th Century writer, mathematician, pioneer, and the initial inspiration for Ada’s Technical Books and Café. The impetus for the project was to create the “book retailer of the future.” Achieving this vision required adaptive reuse, an addition, and a pioneering approach to the neighborhood bookstore. The […]

The Ups and Downs of Staircase Design

I get to work on a lot of remodels of older homes here at Board & Vellum and it is always interesting to see what common themes tend to emerge.  Aside from the obvious ones (desires for larger kitchens, Master Bathrooms, and indoor / outdoor living), the one that seems to be prevalent in easily […]

Office Construction Insanity

We’ve mentioned that we’re expanding our office space here (if you hadn’t gathered that yet from all of the “Introducing…. posts).  I came back from vacation today to see that the flooring was getting installed in the new area and that all of our furniture was consequently piled up into our work space.  Things are […]

Ada’s Receives a Citation in the 2014 Residential Architect Design Awards

We are proud to announce some exciting news about Ada’s Technical Books and Cafe! We are proud to stand with a bevy of nationally recognized firms and receive a citation In the category of light commercial for the 2014 Residential Architect Design Awards. About the competition, the magazine had this to say: “Architects are no […]

What to Expect at the First Design Meeting with an Architect

So, you've decided to hire an architect. Are you curious about what that first design meeting will be like? It can certainly vary greatly depending on who you've decided to work with, but at Board & Vellum, we shelve our egos and work with you to create the design that works best for your project.

Bungalow West

Bungalow West: Second Floor Addition to a Bungalow – Seattle Remodel
Bungalow West This second-story addition and new front porch helped solve a need for more space, while retaining the charm of the smaller home that the owners fell in love with. The new upstairs features two smaller children’s bedrooms, each with a unique feature to help combat the smaller square footage (a sleeping loft and […]

Ada’s: A Burst Of Light and a Custom Mobile

Ada’s Technical Books and Cafe, a project very near and dear to us at Board and Vellum, will have been open for almost six months at its new location on 15th.  It’s amazing to walk-by everyday (our office is less than a block away) to see how much love Ada’s is getting from people in […]

Chef’s Kitchen

Chef's Kitchen – A Residential Kitchen for a Professional Chef
Chef’s Kitchen This kitchen remodel in an architecturally significant 1930s home for a well-regarded Master Chef carefully respected the character of the home while bringing the kitchen into the current day. A simple, but clean palette of walnut and white cabinets accented by Carrara marble and gray Marmoleum create strong contrasts, while still keeping the focus […]

The Stages of Architectural Design

The biggest question we get when meeting with new clients who haven’t worked with an architect before (aside from, “How much does it cost?”) is always about how the process works. What are the stages of architectural design, and what happens at each phase? So, let's explore the phases from Pre-Design through Construction Observation!

Bungalow West Project Review

This project ended up combining my love of a typical Seattle bungalow with small and creative spaces. We had a blast designing this one and the clients were stellar to work with and committed to the essential character that the house needed to retain. They came to us asking for a second story addition and […]