Board & Vellum Office

Our crew at Board & Vellum was incredibly fortunate to be able to design our new office and event space to our own specifications! Spreading over two floors, the primary design goal was to capture the personal feel of our work and translate that into an office space: the intersection of commercial and residential design. Turning a formerly dark and crowded bank into a bright and open office space called for tearing down walls, carefully organizing the floor plan, and creating a bright and layered lighting plan.

The main floor is anchored by a whitewashed feature wall, which divides our more public spaces – such as the conference rooms, gallery, and kitchen – from our more private office space. The workspaces are all equally-sized, with powered standing desks, and communal meeting tables within each pod. The partial-height walls allow for private conversations while still promoting an open-office feeling. Downstairs, the “Below Grade” event space allows for flexibility with a secondary kitchen, employee lounge, and a classroom space. Support spaces include four bathrooms, a shower for bike commuters, a bike room, and comfortable, personalized kitchens. Meanwhile, the “living room” and scattered casual meeting spots ensure that we not only collaborate with ease, but we also find time to relax, even while pushing hard on our deadlines.

This project was built by Woodmark.

We are pleased to feature high-end appliances in our kitchen, with coordination from Arnold’s Appliance.

Plus, we don’t work in a vacuum! Lighting consulting for this project provided by our friends at Destination Lighting, who would love to tell you about it in their own words, too!

Photography by John Wilbanks.