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Board & Vellum receives Just label from the International Living Future Institute, a voluntary reporting tool for social justice and equity indicators in the workplace.

Achieved a Just label from the International Living Future Institute in 2023.

Board & Vellum is honored to be a Gray Awards Finalist for landscape design, earning the recognition for the rooftop garden at the Lucille on Roosevelt.

Honored as a finalist for residential landscape design.

LEED Certified in White

Our team includes LEED-accredited professionals.

Certified Passive House Consultant in White

Our team includes certified Passive House consultants.

NGLCC Certified as LGBT Business Enterprise – Board & Vellum Recognition

A Certified LGBT Business Enterprise Since 2016.

PSBJ’s Top 25 LGBTQ-Owned Businesses 2016 in White

Honoring companies that lead in promoting equality.

We do things a little differently here.

As your advocate, we love nothing more than happy clients!

As Board & Vellum has grown and expanded the services we provide, it has always been our mission to be our clients’ advocates throughout the course of a project. Putting ourselves in your shoes goes a long way towards humanizing and clarifying the entire process.

Our projects benefit from clear communication, a collaborative design approach, and excellent project management. We look forward to hearing about your next project idea!

Recognition and Awards for Seattle architecture firm Board & Vellum – Board & Vellum's portfolio includes award-winning projects in architecture, interior design, and landscape architecture.

We’re happy to help educate.

Just because we can get excited about the technical details of how your project comes together, doesn’t mean we can't explain it in a way that makes sense to you. We’re here to help: we hope you always feel comfortable asking questions.

Clear communication is important to us.

We understand how important your project is to you, and no one wants to be in the dark with so much invested. We’ll keep you informed every step of the way so you can relax knowing you’re in good hands.

And, we want to work with you.

At Board & Vellum, you don’t need to worry: from small projects to large, from the highly technical, to the pure look & feel of your space, we’ve got your best interests at heart. Happy clients are why we get up in the morning, and we’d love hear what you’ve got in mind.

Offering integrated services leads to better design.

We’ve got the bases covered: our studios offer architecture, interior design, and landscape architecture. Whether you need help in just one area, or all three, we will customize a team to suit your needs. Plus, simply having a multidisciplinary office means our projects are critiqued from varied perspectives, resulting in more holistic design solutions. In-house integrated services means your project can move more smoothly from great idea to great finished product.

What type of projects do we take on?

Our design services encompass architecture, interior design, and landscape architecture — from single-family homes to multifamily and mixed-use buildings, from boutique commercial spaces to public parks.

We love working on a variety of project types and scales.

We get excited tackling complex and precisely-detailed projects, large and small. Whether it‘s a small kitchen remodel or a brand new custom home, a hot new restaurant or a coworking space, a new multifamily building, or even a cabin in the woods — we would love to hear about what you have in mind for your next project.

What are some examples of our work?

Please explore our integrated portfolio, featuring architecture, interior design, and landscape architecture projects across a spectrum of types, scales, and styles.

Have you read our blog?

Our blog is a resource for anyone wondering how to approach their project, seeking to answer a design question, or simply wanting a peek inside the world of Board & Vellum.

Ask an Architect – B&V Blog Highlights – Board & Vellum

Ask an Architect: Highlights from The B&V Blog

Over the years, we‘ve fielded lots of burning questions. Take a shortcut to the crowd-favorites collected here, pulling back the curtain on architecture and design.

Do Architects Advocate for the Client or for the Architect? – Group sketching plans. – Board & Vellum

Do Architects Advocate for the Client or for the Architect?

Does an architect or designer advocate for your interests or for theirs? We believe your design team should advocate for you, and here’s how.

Considering a project? Or, just curious about something?

Send us your questions about design, architecture, interiors, landscape, LEGO rooms… Anything, really. We’re always eager to meet new people, and we’d love to get to know you, your project, and your goals.

Get in touch.