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A New Home from the Ground Up

Leschi Lookout

A complete house transformation to capture a lake view formerly out of reach.

What was once a humble Cape Cod-esque house is growing up to capture amazing views of Lake Washington and embrace a Pacific Northwest Modern style. The entire home will be transformed with a full gut and remodel, lowering of the basement slab, and building of a second story addition. Technically, it’s a remodel, but it’s basically a brand new house.

To fully take advantage of the views, the plan is flipped: the common areas, like the kitchen and living room, are on the upper floor, with the more private spaces below. Above, a fully-integrated roof deck offers expansive lake views.

To access the roof deck, we needed to get creative. The solution is a roof hatch with an integrated ship ladder, designed to store on the wall above a buffet area in the dining room. It will look like a shelving unit, but once you pull the ladder out, it angles and extends to the ground.

The structure of this house is more complicated than most – featuring a butterfly roof, a cantilever addition, and a suspended deck – and many of the details are exposed and highlighted architecturally.

Construction of the remodeled home is underway; we hope you’ll visit again to see the finished photos when it’s complete!

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