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New Construction for an Animal Sanctuary

Pasado’s Safe Haven

New facilities for a beloved animal sanctuary will help ensure this non-profit can continue doing their best work.

Pasado’s Safe Haven is a non-profit dedicated to providing lifelong sanctuary to animals that have been subject to abuse and neglect. Situated just outside of Monroe, Washington, their growing compound was in need of changes that could enrich the lives of their animals and provide employees with upgraded resources. With a beautiful, quiet piece of land to build on, we helped create new homes for barnyard and household companions, along with offices and on-site lodging for their caretakers.

To tackle the complex and intersectional needs between the animals and employees, we formed an integrated design team and the beginning of the project. The perspective of the Pasado’s staff was essential to tailoring the design to balance their unique needs, and close collaboration between the design teams and Pasado’s made this project a reality. We led a conceptual design workshop for the staff to gain insight into the design process, and so they could be directly involved in shaping ideas for the final product.

It was also imperative to the health and happiness of the animals that the integrity of the land remained intact; so, low-impact site development was a high priority throughout the project. Net zero water and energy strategies are being explored for many program areas, and healthy, local materials are specified in spaces for rescue animals and their human helpers alike.

Program spaces include a new Cow Barn, Dog Towne, and Kitty City for the animal residents, as well as the Center for Compassion, where students, volunteers, and supporters can learn about animal rehabilitation. New caregiver housing is also available for employees staying on-site.

With new and refreshed, safe spaces they can call home, the rescued animals are well-situated to heal and thrive, and their caretakers have ample resources to provide top-notch care.

Pasado's Safe Haven: Kitty City – Board & Vellum

Design is underway for the Center for Compassion. Kitty City, Dog Towne, and the Cow Barn are complete — please come back for photos soon!

Notes & Credits
Cow Barn built by Barn Pros Construction.
Dog Towne built by Alegis Construction.
Kitty City built by Ryan GC.
Structural Engineering by Swenson Say Fagét.
Civil Engineering by Herrera Environmental Consultants.
Permaculture & Landscape Design by NW Bloom Ecological Services.
Animal Care & Systems Consulting by Sit & Paws Animal Care.
Owner’s Rep Project Managers: Keith LaChappelle of FreeTerra Projects, Chris Rogers of Point 32, and Mike Weller of Merganser PM.
Renderings by B&V Team. Stay tuned for photos!

Enough is enough.

Learn more about Pasado’s Safe Haven and their efforts to kiss animal cruelty goodbye.

Visit Pasado’s Safe Haven to learn more about their mission to help animals in need with a comprehensive approach: Investigations & Rescue, Sanctuary, Pet Services, and Education & Advocacy.

The B&V Team visited Pasado’s for a day of volunteering to get to know the team and meet the animals as we continue our work designing new spaces to support their work — we highly recommend giving them a visit!

If you’d like to help, there are many ways to give, and many ways to get involved to support their lifesaving work.

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