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Board & Vellum comes in at #3 on Fresh Chalk’s 2020 List of Best Seattle Architects.

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Best Seattle Architects: Fresh Chalk’s 2020 List

Board & Vellum comes in at #3 on Fresh Chalk’s 2020 List of Best Seattle Architects.

The team at Fresh Chalk knows that recommendations from your friends carry a lot of weight — you know and trust them, and so your friends might be the first people you ask when researching professionals to hire.

Client care, community building, and personal relationships are really important to us as Board & Vellum — whether public or private, the spaces we inhabit create our shared human experiences, places where we come together as friends, colleagues, family, or community. We are always pleased to see that our clients enjoyed their experience working with us enough to recommend us to others in their community. Many thanks to all of you who’ve supported us over the years; we look forward to working with you again, (and with your friends)!

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Who are we, anyway? For starters, we are a close-knit team of architects and designers, collaborating in integrated studios on architecture, interior design, and landscape architecture projects. We love what we do, and we have fun doing it. As your advocates, our goal is to help you realize a project that you love.


As a young firm, we are humbled and honored to be recognized in our early years for not only our architecture and design, but for being a great place to work. (Many thanks to all!) Plus, this inspires us to keep pushing forward and be the energy behind the next great project in our community.

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