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Worklofts, formal offices, co-working spaces, open plan, private office…

What would you like your workspace to be?

Our team will work with you to take a careful inventory of what your team needs to do amazing work. Just like designing your home, designing the space where you spend a sizable part of your week is essential to ensuring that you are happy and healthy.

We take care to design office spaces that feel special, comfortable, and help reinforce your brand identity. They are spaces that should be at once functional and comfortable. Often, they form a key part of the impression a client or customer will have of your company.

We’ll work with you to ensure that all your needs are met — from spaces to host events, to unique employee amenities, to comfortable and productive workspaces — and together we will design an office space that helps make your work day enjoyable.

Commercial Office Design Services at Board & Vellum – Architecture, Interior Design, FF&E, Landscape Architecture

Is my TI budget too tight?

We work with tight budgets all the time. Whatever your budget is, we will be honest with you about what you can accomplish, and help you make strategic choices to stretch as much out of it as you can.

Can we stay open during this project?

Maybe. This all comes down to the extent of your project and your tolerance for construction noise and dust. It’s possible you’ll want (or need) to move out, at least for certain phases. We can help you navigate this schedule to minimize its impact on your business.

What if we don’t know what our “style” is?

Don’t worry! We work with companies that have run the gamut from, ”This is exactly what we want, we will be involved with every decision, and here is our branding package," to “Help us please, we‘re totally lost.” Wherever you fall, the design process will help us find the solutions you need, even if you didn’t know what the problem was.

Here are some highlights from our commercial office portfolio.

Seven Starlings Workloft – Board & Vellum
Brand Identity & Interiors for a Boutique Coworking Space

Seven Starlings Workloft

An immersive brand experience for a commercial space anchored in a conceptual exploration of biomimicry and emergence, brought to life by an integrated brand and interiors team.

WG Clark Office Lobby Interiors
Commercial Office Interiors

W.G. Clark Lobby

Inside a midcentury modern building with landmark status, this Pacific Northwest Modern commercial lobby is flush with natural materials and carefully-crafted details.

Entrance Signage – Co-working Space Design: The Office at Ada's – Board & Vellum
The Office at Ada’s

Image courtesy of The Office at Ada’s.

Interior Design for a Coworking Space

The Office at Ada’s

The owners of Ada's Technical Book & Café returned to Board & Vellum for the design of a co-working space for local entrepreneurs fostering small businesses.

Capital Pacific – Commercial Office Design – Lobby space with leather and wood details.
Commercial Office Design

Capital Pacific

This commercial office design for a boutique real estate firm added a Pacific Northwest touch to a great mid-century commercial building.

Ballard Work Loft – Industrial Meets Modern Conference Room – Board & Vellum
Commercial Work Loft Interiors

Ballard Work Loft

This tenant improvement project for a Ballard work loft created a laid-back, yet professional, atmosphere enjoyed by employees and clients alike.

Board & Vellum Office – Intersection of Commercial and Residential Design – Rustic wood flooring in an office.
A Remodel of a Design Firm’s Own Office

Board & Vellum Office

Designed by our very own team, the Board & Vellum office is a mirror of our work at the intersection of commercial and residential design.

Or, a couple of helpful blog posts.

Do I need to permit my commercial space? – Board & Vellum

Do I Need to Permit My Commercial Space?

If you are in Seattle, most likely, yes, you need a permit for your commercial space. Here are the details of different permit types will impact your timeline for opening.

How long does a commercial project take? – Board & Vellum

How Long Does a Commercial Project Take?

The time to complete a commercial project varies a lot based on the scope and parameters of your project, but here is a basic timeline of the phases from project start to opening your doors.

Considering a project? Or, just curious about something?

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