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What type of housing would you like to design, develop, or remodel?

In a dense and varied urban environment such as Seattle, homes come in all shapes and sizes. Just like single-family homes, multi-family projects are an essential piece of the urban fabric.

But this isn’t always easy to do well: successful multi-family projects must balance the needs of the building as a whole with the needs of the collection of individual homes within, all while being an asset to the community. Of course, that challenge excites us!

We give our multi-family residential projects the same care that we give our custom residential clients. And, we take pride in designing for neighborhoods, helping them become (or continue to be) sustainable and friendly to the greater city.

Multi-Family Residential Services at Board & Vellum – Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape Architecture

What sizes of multi-family projects do you work on?

We love to work with clients who are committed to being good neighbors. More than the size of a project, working with a team committed to building a long-lasting and special building is key. From urban rowhouses to larger apartment projects, we are committed to making every neighborhood we work in better.

What is your approach to the design process?

With multi-family projects, making the numbers work is essential. Our team is skilled in analyzing square footages and proforma while achieving a unique aesthetic that is warm, friendly, and fits into the neighborhood. We constantly balance the numbers with the “look” to distinguish the property in the market.

How do your projects benefit their neighborhoods?

Larger multi-family projects are giant additions to any neighborhood. We reach out to neighbors and, where applicable, provide a dynamic and desirable ground floor retail experience. Our integrated team of landscape architects, interior designers, and architects ensures that our ground floor and street experiences are wonderful additions to the existing urban fabric.

Here are some highlights from our multi-family portfolio.

Green Lake Urban Infill – Street Front Rendering from of Green Lake Apartments on Ravenna Boulevard
Multi-Family Residential

Green Lake Urban Infill

Green Lake apartments have never looked better: this project features 32 apartments, 1,800 SF of commercial space, and even below-grade parking. At just two blocks from the lake and overlooking scenic Ravenna Boulevard this final piece of infill on a block of 4-story buildings is a highly desirable urban location.

Multi-family Development – Hive 68th & Roosevelt – Board & Vellum – Rendering: Street Corner View at Day
Interior Design, Landscape Architecture, Multi-Family Residential

Hive 68th & Roosevelt

Opening in Fall 2018, this multi-family development is our first to utilize all three of our integrated studios at once: architecture, interiors, and landscape. Featuring 106 residential units, and ample street-level commercial space, the project offers urban living with quick access to the proposed light rail station.

Hive Dexter – Exterior Refresh – Accent Wall and Suspended Canopy at Entrance
Multi-Family Residential

Hive Dexter

Part branding exercise and part exterior refresh, the goal for this apartment complex was to inject some life into a dated, drowsy façade. The new, bright yellow finishes and contemporary awning at the entrance complement the original rockery accent wall to give the building a playful, modern feel.

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