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Robert Mech, AIA – Senior Associate | Architect at Board & Vellum

Robert Mech, AIA

Senior Associate | Architect

Every year since the age of five, Robert was subjected to road trips back and forth from the metropolis of Chicago (his birth city) and the sprawling and quaintly eccentric Albuquerque (the city he grew up in). Sleeping in strange rooms, eating in small hole-in-the-wall restaurants, hearing alien accents and inflections (mostly spoken in English), he imagined himself the ultimate explorer and anthropologist. 1,350 miles stretching across the middle of the United States was plenty enough to transfix this wide-eyed and curious kid. Witnessing generations of family, obscured in dated attire, emanating queer eccentricities and inhabiting bizarre houses full of eerie attics with pull-string lights, damp basements with shelves too high to reach, and stacks of decrepit relics and other Underdark collections of forgotten eras, Robert was to be forever mesmerized by time and place: preoccupied with nostalgia.

He explains that the passing of time became his enemy and entropy was his ultimate foe. He hates things that fall apart. Yes, buildings change, people change, uses change. “But,” he says, “we need places that become us, that exist to explain ourselves long after we are gone. Why? Because the idea of ourselves is like a footprint, an echo that we leave for someone else to interpret.”

Robert will fight for your vision, your desire to prolong that ending. He is a caretaker of the built environment and a curator of the things that last. He abhors the cheaply-made, the disposable, and ubiquitous.

Robert enjoys being an active member of Historic Seattle, the National Trust and Washington Trust for Historic Preservation, and the Virginia V Foundation (a non-profit supporting the last remaining steamship from Puget Sound’s mosquito fleet in the 1920s, on which he and his wife Krishane were married in 2017). Formerly HOA President at the Betsy Ross Condominiums, a wonderful 1928 Colonial Revival abode in Capitol Hill, Robert now puts most of his weekend energy into restoring a 1940s brick Tudor house affectionately dubbed “King Henry” in Bremerton, where he currently resides. If you’re looking for him, place your bets on antique shops, vintage clothing stores, or dumpster-diving in whatever neighborhood you happen to be in. He also manages a pop-up Etsy store called AnalogDigital, offering retro and vintage objects from the 1920s through the 1980s.

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