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An Architect’s OCD Guide to Thanksgiving

An Architect's OCD Guide to Thanksgiving: A Bad Photo of Some Great Ingredients - Cropped for Featured Image
It's that time of year again, you know, the time when you can use spreadsheets to plan out your Thanksgiving cooking schedule! But, yes, also the time of year to go all out on some tasty treats to share with your family and friends. Drool over a cooking spreadsheet, then check out this recipe for Persimmon and Pomegranate Salad.

Building a Different Way

For years we have built things in a very similar pattern. Things are starting to change though and it is getting pretty exciting to watch. As the detail guy here I get excited about finding unique ways of building and creating. This blog post highlights a couple of videos I came across the other day, […]

Top 10 Cars for Architects

Small and beautiful spaces are my favorite things in Architecture. The articles that draw my attention are inevitably the ones that focus on gorgeously detailed spaces that maximize every single square foot. I’ve written about this before but what is really exciting to me is how this “smaller yet better” approach is starting to trickle […]

Adventures in Strange Toilets

Aaaah toilets; the workhorse of our bathrooms. The thing that we all rely upon more than we'd really care to talk about and something that becomes a constant annoyance if it isn't in the right spot or designed correctly. I don't quite know why but when I am out and about I tend to focus on bathroom designs a lot. I think that a well designed and comfortable bathroom tends to make or break a travel experience.Here are some unique toilet experiences that have left me with altered memories of my travels.

Designing in 3D with SketchUp

Dreaming of your perfect floor plan and sketching in a notebook is a fine tradition that I fully support. I suggest taking it to the next level and downloading Google's Sketchup and having fun with your ideas. Take your dreams and use them as inspiration in communicating with your Architect. Remember, you hire an Architect to make your dreams become more fantastic than you ever imagined. You hire a draftsperson to make your plans become reality.You'll be much happier with the former.

Steve Jobs as an Inspiration to Architects and Design

Steve Jobs, you'll be missed. You've inspired not only legions of software and hardware engineers, but Architects around the world with your clear and focused passion for design. The world is a more beautiful place because of what you have done. Here are some reasons why Architecture and Architects are better off for what he has done for the world.

An Architect’s Thoughts on Hospital Rooms

Content has been coming a bit slower lately as I’ve been slammed with some great project work and, very recently, “enjoying” the finer details of a Swedish Hospital room due to an unexpected trip down Appendicitis Lane. Let me say that in this lane I appear to have been run over by a truck, mugged, […]

Smashing Glass Blocks

Glass block is horrible. Don't use it. Please don't use it. Did I mention that it is pretty horrific? It is. Don't use it. That is all.

The Vellum on the Board

Here's a look at some of the links of articles or posts I've found interesting this week.

Nantucket Architecture

Saying I love to travel is a vast understatement. I LIVE to travel. Architects can learn so much from visiting other places and seeing what works well there. Here are some photos of my recent trip to Nantucket

Great Street Life in Europe

The big take away from our trip through Europe wasn't how much better it was than Seattle or America, it is simply different. Every place in the world has something to teach us and I think if we can be open to learning the lessons from each place we visit we'll all take home valuable lessons to use in the built environment we add to every day. Here are some of my favorite examples.

What Not to Build, But What to Love

Sometimes you don't know what you want but at least knowing what you don't want is a step in the right direction.This bold example of, um, a single family castle, helps teach us all a little lesson