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Introducing, Logan Kimbrel!

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Introducing, Logan Kimbrel!

Learn all about the latest addition to the B&V team, Logan Kimbrel. In his words, he likes “boards, bikes, beers, whiskeys, seafood, sandwiches, and things that go fast.” But also, of course, architecture and design, and he’s thrilled to join the Residential Studio here at Board & Vellum.

April 7, 2020


I’m Logan, originally from Denver, Colorado, I moved to Seattle with my girlfriend around two years ago — she pursuing her Ph.D. at the UW, and me excited to jump into an awesome, creative, and progressive firm to follow my passion for great architecture.

Living in Colorado my whole life, I was a bit hesitant to take the leap to come to the Pacific Northwest, but once I did I found out how great it is. I love the accessibility to water, a thing that was not an option back in Denver. Now in the vicinity of the many lakes and Puget Sound, I was able to adopt a new “aquatic hobby” of kayaking.

Introducing, Logan Kimbrel! – Logan takes up kayaking after moving to Seattle.
My New Aquatic Hobby

A great day of kayaking around Lake Union in Seattle.

I graduated in 2017 with my Bachelor’s in Environmental Design with an emphasis in Architecture from the University of Colorado. This program sent me off with a broad spectrum of knowledge and skills, which gave me many paths and opportunities leading into my professional career. I started work at a restaurant and retail design firm in Denver called Studio Atlantis. There, I was able to dive into a smaller scale of design with interiors. This was an exciting challenge for me as I learned how to play off restaurants’ goals and inspirations, and carry that throughout the design of the space to create a catered experience for all of the guests.

Moving forward, I had always been drawn to residential architecture and that’s where I found myself for my first job in Seattle. Motionspace Architecture is a custom residential firm here specializing in high-end projects. I was thrown into everything that is residential design in my time at Motionspace, and it gave me the chance to lay a solid foundation of skills and experience to take forward in my career.

When I’m not “sheltering in place” you can find me roaming around the city searching for new breweries and distilleries. The way Seattle has such distinct neighborhoods is something that is unique and I enjoy bouncing from one neighborhood to the next finding new favorite spots.

Interests of mine are broad. I like boards, bikes, beers, whiskeys, seafood, sandwiches, and things that go fast. I’ve been snowboarding my whole life, and I look forward to getting on the mountains out here. One thing I am excited to continue to do in Seattle is camp. I camped a lot back home in Colorado, but out here is all new territory! Completely different landscape and beautiful locations that I can’t wait to see and experience.

Introducing, Logan Kimbrel!
Camping in the PacNW

Camping trip with my girlfriend at Baker Lake here in Washington.

Speaking of those great locations, you’ve got to have a way to get to them. Probably my biggest interest is anything and everything automotive, but specifically offroading. When I was young, my parents had an old CJ-5 (Jeep) and I loved looking at the pictures of the adventures they went on. I now have a Jeep and love to take it offroad, to go exploring and see how far I can get off the beaten path.

Introducing, Logan Kimbrel! – Logan takes his Jeff out into the wilderness.
Offroading in My Jeep

Offroading at Argentine Pass in Colorado.

Working with such a great group of people while doing amazing architecture is something I’ve always strived for, which is why I wake up every day excited that I get to be a part of this awesome team!

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