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Our blog is intended to act as a resource for anyone wondering how to approach their project, or to get a design question answered. From our perspective, architecture and design shouldn’t be an exclusive club full of people using esoteric jargon and wearing only black. The blog is written for you, not for us. From how we collaborate with you on a project, to our approachable and practical thoughts on design, along with a sprinkling of other fun things we’re up to, use this blog as a resource to help your project move along.

HVAC and the Residential Remodel, Part 1: Treated Air Systems

Mini-Split vs Forced Air – Featured Image
You might not be Pinteresting HVAC systems for your home remodel, but if you overlook it, you'll regret it! The products might not always be photogenic, but that doesn't mean you don't have some important choices to make. In this installation, Sara Emhoff explores the pros and cons of mini-splits versus forced air systems.

An Architect’s New Office

An Architect's New Office – Large Conference Room – Featured Image
Board & Vellum is five years old, and we celebrated with a party in our new offices! We’re now working in a custom space, designed by us, and spreading out over two floors. Board & Vellum 5.0 is here. Explore the glamor shots here, or come on over and say hi – we'll give you a tour!

Patterns of Place: What Helps Build the Places We Love?

Patterns of Place: What Helps Build the Places We Love? - Featured Image
What is it about certain spaces that makes them feel so great? Let's explore "patterns of place" – design features that help form the places we love. From location, to entry sequence, to passive systems, materials, quality of light, and more, these patterns help make that crucial switch from house to home.

Form over Function or Function over Form?

Form over Function or Function over Form? - Metal Panel Walls: Cool, But Possibly Leaky
Architects have been arguing about the hierarchy of form and function for ages, so where does Jeff Pelletier stand? It depends! When it comes down to it, there isn’t one, right answer: it’s always a balance. So, let’s discuss form versus function in terms of the decisions you might face when designing your project.

Board & Vellum Sponsors The Moth Mainstage, Hosted by Seattle Arts & Lectures

Board & Vellum Sponsors The Moth Mainstage - Mic Under the Lights
Board & Vellum is co-sponsoring The Moth Mainstage at Benaroya Hall with 88.5 KPLU, KUOW 94.9 FM Public Radio, and the Seattle Met, hosted by Seattle Arts & Lectures. Come join us on Wednesday, May 18th, 2016, and enjoy an evening of storytelling based around the theme "Ties that Bind," hosted by David Crabb.

Rebuilding Together Seattle: Board & Vellum Volunteers!

Rebuilding Together Seattle: Board & Vellum Volunteers –
Last weekend, Board & Vellum teamed up with the local branch of the WSGR law firm for Rebuilding Together Seattle's "Spring Rebuilding Day"! A long day of hard work, teamwork, matching T-shirts, a protective onesie, and, well, a cute puppy, rounded out a good time helping a local homeowner revive her house!

Introducing, Patrick Emrock!

Introducing, Patrick Emrock! – Hand-sketched Selfie, Cropped for Featured Image
Guess what? Yep, you got it: we’ve hired another new team member! Meet Patrick Emrock! Patrick has a passion for design, and, before joining Board & Vellum, he was, among other things, a co-producer/actor/set & costume designer for a fringe theater company, Bad Actor Productions. We all can’t wait to see the recordings!

Top 10 Things to Consider When Designing a Vacation Home

Top 10 Things to Consider When Designing a Vacation Home – Make it Special
A vacation home should be something special, not just another suburban house plopped down on a piece of nice land, and that requires some thought. Jeff Pelletier breaks it down in his Top 10 Things to Consider, from respecting the view, to creating a special place to keep both kids and adults relaxed and happy.

Night School: Architecture & Time – Recap

Night School: Architecture and Time – Recap – Board & Vellum
What role does time play in our interpretation, perception, and memory of architecture? What about the inverse: how are our memories altered – or mediated – by architectural space? Jeff Sandler recaps the discussion that thrived at another successful B&V Night School, this time exploring the complex and symbiotic relationship between architecture and time.

Dear Future Architects, Don’t Forget to Treat Your Clients with Respect

Dear Future Architects – Site Visit
In this most recent post in the ArchiTalks series, Jeff Pelletier writes a letter to future architects, reminding them to always put their egos aside, and treat their clients with respect as they navigate the relationship between client and architect.

Introducing, Charles!

Introducing, Charles Fadem! - Charles & Darts – Board & Vellum
We're at it again! Meet the next, latest addition to Board & Vellum, Charles Fadem! Charles made the trek from East Coast to West Coast to join us here at Board & Vellum, and (spoiler alert) Charles knew our fearless leader, Jeff Pelletier, back in the day; so, read on for some insider pre-B&V tidbits!

Introducing, Ryan Champagne!

Introducing, Ryan Champagne! – Ryan & Courtney – Board & Vellum
Meet the latest addition to Board & Vellum, Ryan Champagne! Ryan joins us with a wealth of knowledge, having grown up with the mentorship of his father running a 3rd-generation single-family residential construction company, then going on to found his own branch of the company before heading out to Oregon to earn his Master of Architecture.

Night School: Architecture and Time

Board & Vellum Night School: Architecture and Time – Cascade Cabin
Jeff Sandler announces the upcoming installment of Night School, where we will discuss the relationship between architecture and time. Join us on April 6th at Ada's Technical Books at 6:00 PM. Night School is a departure from our daily work at Board & Vellum to debate, discuss, and analyze broader topics that impact what we do.

Architecture and Interior Design

Architecture vs. Interior Design – Venn Diagram of Architectural and Interior Design Services
What the heck is the difference between architecture and interior design? It's a common question, and not a stupid one at all! There is a lot of overlap between the two, and it can be confusing. We'll walk through the differences in services and help you decide how to craft the team for your project.

Helpful Tools Found within an Architecture Blog

Helpful Tools Found Within an Architecture Blog - Project Crit at B&V
In this Architalks post, Jeff discusses handy tools for clients wondering how the architectural process works through recaps of favorite blog posts. From "How to Select a Contractor," to "How Much Does an Architect Charge?" and "Does It Makes Sense to Add a Second Story?" – read up on all the most useful tips!

The Benefit of Great Benefits

The Benefits of Great Benefits – Jeff Pelletier on Vacation
Professionals in the architectural world are simply not compensated well, contrary to public perception. Jeff Pelletier is here to change that. He thinks giving employees the best benefits in the industry will foster happy employees who treat their clients well, adding value to the services Board & Vellum provides. Well, guess what? It's working.

Introducing, Lance!

Meet the (next) latest addition to the team at Board & Vellum, Lance Hayes! Lance hails from Montana, but has been living in Seattle since 2007, and it now feels like home. When he's not busy designing in three dimensions, he creates art in two dimensions, from sketches and paintings to photography.

Introducing, Katie!

Meet Katie Mallory, the latest addition to the B&V team, and the first member of our brand spankin' new interior design team! Katie was born and raised in Minnesota, but is thrilled to now be in Seattle, a city she's loved for years. When she's not designing, she loves exploring the great outdoors.

New Year, New Office

Board & Vellum is moving into a new space, and we are designing it ourselves! Of course, the new space has a lot of what we advise clients to consider including in their space: personality. Remember, your office space is not only a benefit for employees, but a marketing tool to tell your story.

2015 Highlights and Year in Review

You may think that a year-end recap is a cliché, but either way, there's no doubt that you get a wonderful sense of accomplishment by stepping back and looking at all that happened in the preceding year! Quite frankly, 2015 was another ridiculous and amazing year, and we can't wait to carry on into 2016!