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Introducing, Hyrel!

By Hyrel Mathias
September 5, 2018

Hi Everyone!

I'm very excited to be here and share with you a little bit about my background and my design journey leading up to Board & Vellum.

I was born and raised in Dubai, and I watched the city’s architectural landscape transform from sand to the insanity that it is today. It was so fascinating to watch the city transform so drastically. As a little kid, I loved sketching. For as long as I can remember, I have been filling up sketchbooks. In the beginning, I would draw fairytale and cartoon characters with all the little details, and then it turned into sketches of buildings and interiors. I realized that I wanted to be in the world of art and design at a very young age.

After high school, I started out studying architecture at the American University of Sharjah, but I wanted a much broader experience. I convinced my parents to let me go to the US to finish my education, and transferred to Iowa State University. While at ISU, I was able to explore other areas of design and knew that my true passion was for interiors. After completing two years of architecture school, I decided to switch to the interior design program since I knew I wanted to be designing interiors eventually, and didn’t want to have to figure that part out after graduating.

Upon graduation in 2010, at the peak of the recession, I packed my bags and drove to New York to live with my sister and sleep on her couch, much to her dismay. It wasn’t too long before I began working and was thrown into the world of the high-end interiors of NYC’s affluent, helping design their fabulous homes while going back to my tiny apartment filled with my little pet mice. Life was great! I absolutely loved living in New York, since I was young in this vibrant city, and there was so much opportunity to learn and work with some great artists. I did, however, reach my saturation point six years later, and got tired of the city life. I was longing for some balance in my professional life as well. Luckily for me, I met my husband around that time and we both decided to seek out a new place where we could start fresh and get a dog. We both really wanted a dog, and we knew that's the first thing we would get once we moved, even if we didn’t have an apartment yet. In the midst of our search for the perfect city to move to, we attended a friends wedding on Orcas Island and fell in love with Seattle.

Introducing, Hyrel Mathias! – Meet a B&V'er – Board & Vellum

My husband got offered a job in Seattle in the fall of 2015 and yes, we did get our dog before we got any furniture in our apartment. His name is Mowgli and he is 2 ½ years old now. Since moving, I have worked at a design-build firm and a high-end residential design firm, designing homes for other people in Seattle while remodeling my own home and living in it through the remodel. The last few years have been quite the adventure and Seattle has been great to us.

Aside from design, I love traveling, camping, trying new foods, and flower arranging. My husband and I also love to cook for our friends — so, on weekends, we enjoy having our friends be guinea pigs for new dishes that we like to try out. I also am part of a dog swim group in the neighborhood and every Saturday, I go along with my neighbor and pick up all the pups in the neighborhood and take them swimming.

I'm excited for this next chapter at Board & Vellum, working with this great team, with great clients!

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