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Your home, your office, your retail shop, your restaurant…

To what type of space do you want to give that little bit of extra polish?

We are passionate about creating awesome spaces where you love to spend time. Our in-house interior design team is integrated with all our studios. So, whether you need only a quick consult, or whether you need every finish, fixture, material, and product selected, spec’d and placed, we are ready to help you out. Integrated design not only creates a better project, but also provides the best service for our clients. With interiors in-house, your project is never siloed, nor isolated.

Interior Design at Board & Vellum – FF&E, Residential, Commercial, Retail

What if I only want a little help?

That’s totally fine: we tailor our services to you. If you love the idea of sourcing all your own tile, go for it! If that sounds like the worst thing you can imagine, we can take it off your plate.

What styles do you do?

While we may try to gently coax you away from something we think is a bad idea, when it comes down to it, this is your project. That being said, we work in both contemporary and traditional styles, so don’t worry about that!

Can you do the purchasing, too?

Sure can! Designers have access to showrooms and product lines that a normal consumer doesn’t. We often have discounts deeper than a normal consumer, as well. We will work with you to determine the best path for your project, whether that means you purchase items, or we do, or a combination of both.

Here are some highlights from our interior design portfolio.

The Urban Sanctuary – Interior Design for a Condo – Board & Vellum
Interior Refresh for a Condo

The Urban Sanctuary

This condo in a converted church balances the look of original details with a combination of industrial materials and modern lines for a clean, contemporary feel.

Woodinville Pivot – Modern Interior Design – Board & Vellum
Custom Residential Interiors

Woodinville Pivot

Bold artwork and bright accents paired with a calm and natural supporting palette give this ’70s-era home a bright, light, and balanced contemporary look.

Dynasty Room – Interior Design by Board & Vellum
Interior Design for a Bar with a Story

Dynasty Room

In the now-shuttered Four Seas restaurant in Seattle’s International District, the old and the new mingle in this experiential reincarnation of the Dynasty Room bar.

Crow's Nest Cottage – City Cottage – Board &  Vellum Interior Design FF&E
Crow’s Nest Cottage

Photo by Andrew Giammarco.

Furniture, Fixtures, Art & Accessories

Crow’s Nest Cottage

A tiny, adaptable guest house with a modern, moody, Pacific Northwest vibe. With an interior design theme centering around crows, the cottage is full of “creature comforts.”

The Eden Interiors – Interior Design and Staging for Apartments – Board & Vellum
Interior Design & Model Unit Staging

The Eden Interiors

With all new interiors, these apartments give off a classic-yet-current vibe designed to attract their target client: young professionals with an eye for Instagrammable spaces.

Laughing Buddha – Tattoo Parlor & Piercing Shop – Retail – Board & Vellum
Tenant Improvement for a Tattoo Parlor

Laughing Buddha Tattoo & Body Piercing

Laughing Buddha’s new space has a soothing, spa-like atmosphere, but one that still keeps the “edge” of a tattoo and piercing parlor.

Or, a couple of helpful blog posts.

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Understanding the difference between interior design and interior decorating is important when hiring someone to help you with your space; here are some details to help clear it up.

Selecting Sustainable Materials: Your Go-To Guide – Board & Vellum

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Here is a quick guide for what to look for when selecting sustainable materials, including material makeup, material source, manufacturing processes, and third-party certifications.

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