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Monika Shreves – Meet a B&V'er – Board & Vellum Team

Monika Mannix

Associate | Interior Design

Monika moved across the country to join Board & Vellum’s interiors studio in the summer of 2016. Although she studied psychology as an undergraduate at UVA, Monika always had a strong interest in interior design and architecture. After graduation, she worked for the marketing department of a high-end residential interior design firm in Washington, D.C. for a year to get to know the design world. Her experience there led her to pursue an MFA in Interior Architecture from Virginia Commonwealth University – but she says her psychology degree has been surprisingly useful in her design career, particularly when it comes to building client relationships and understanding how people interact with both public and private spaces.

Monika worked alongside another B&V’er, Charles Fadem, at D.C.-based Hickok Cole Architects, where she spent two years focused primarily on multi-family and hospitality projects. While in Seattle on vacation, she met up with her former co-worker and his new boss – and the rest, as they say, is history.

Monika is passionate about designing spaces that are both beautiful and functional, and is especially interested in projects where design meets social justice.

In addition to design, Monika’s interests include exploring the Pacific Northwest’s natural beauty, traveling, playing with other people’s dogs (until she gets her own), cooking, bourbon, and (probably) cooking with bourbon.

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+1 206 960 4757

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