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Green wall, urban backyard, rooftop amenity space, public park…

What do you have in mind for your landscaped space?

Our landscape architects have experience on a wide array of projects: public and private, large and small, commercial and residential. So, whether you’re investing in interior spaces or not, why not make your exterior spaces sing?

Working closely with our architects and interior designers, our landscape team integrates into all our studios, so not only do we enjoy seamless communication of ideas and problem solving, but also, the team is available to jump on your project at any point, even if for just a quick consult. The design of landscaped spaces deals with aesthetic, practical, and technical concerns — not only do you want to keep it alive and beautiful, but you also don’t want any drainage nightmares.

So, yes, while we may be plant geeks, our goal is to create a beautiful site that you can enjoy as it grows, matures, and evolves for years to come.

Lanscape Architecture & Site Design at Board & Vellum – Residential, Commercial, Retail

Do you do landscape-only projects?

Of course! And, we’d love to. We work on all sorts of project types. Let us know what you have in mind! Plus, we can help set you up with one of our recommended landscape contractors so you can relax knowing you’re in good hands.

I’m not sure if zoning or other rules allow me to make the changes I want to on my property, how do I know what I can do?

You aren’t alone, this question comes up a lot in this area! And, it’s wise to assess the feasibility of your project before you start working on it. We can help you determine which rules apply to your case, and then we’ll work with you to figure out the best path forward.

Can you handle getting all the permits we may need?

You bet. We work with the local jurisdictions all the time, and are familiar with the ins and outs of the process.

Here are some highlights from our landscape architecture portfolio.

Denny-Blaine Outdoor Revival - Board & Vellum
From Drab Drive to Private Getaway

Denny-Blaine Outdoor Revival

A reinvention of a crumbling entry and compartmentalized outdoor spaces reconnect this home to the neighborhood and site.

Lucille on Roosevelt: New Apartment Development in Seattle
New Construction for a Mixed-Use Building

Lucille on Roosevelt

This multifamily development features 106 apartments and ample street-level commercial space, all with quick access to the future Roosevelt light rail station.

Outdoor living room with a gas fire pit. – Urban Yard at The Seattle Box – Board & Vellum
A Small Yard Flush with Amenities

Urban Yard at The Seattle Box

This urban yard is not expansive, but it tucks in all the amenities you dream of for outdoor living, with landscaping designed to look fantastic, year-round.

Lake City Park – Landscape Architecture – Board & Vellum
Under Construction
A New Public Park for a Local Community

Lake City Park

This new neighborhood park celebrates play, recreation, urban agriculture, relaxation, enjoying the outdoors, and it features art funded by the 1% For The Arts program.

Queen Anne Gambrel – Integrated Design for Indoor/Outdoor Living – Board & Vellum
Integrated Design for Indoor/Outdoor Living

Queen Anne Gambrel

A full yard remodel paired with a new kitchen and targeted architectural updates, this home features spaces perfect for this family’s indoor/outdoor lifestyle.

Capitol Hill Landscape – Capitol Hill Craftsman – Board & Vellum
Site Design & Landscape Architecture

Capitol Hill Craftsman Landscape Design

Crisp, new walkways and plantings, along with a great-looking bike shed, help this Craftsman home in the Capitol Hill neighborhood feel anchored in its yard.

Or, a couple of helpful blog posts.

How Much Does It Cost to Redo the Landscape at My House? – Board & Vellum

How Much Does It Cost to Redo the Landscape at My House?

We recommend using your home’s value as a starting point for estimating a budget for redoing your yard. Here is a quick guide for what you can hope to build at different budget levels.

Questions to Ask a Landscape Architect or Site Design Team in an Interview – Board & Vellum

Questions to Ask a Landscape Architect or Site Design Team in an Interview

What should you ask a landscape architect you are interviewing? From design to fee, to timeline and more, here are ten questions you should ask before you hire.

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