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Patrick McCoy – Meet a B&V'er – Board & Vellum Team

Patrick McCoy

Associate, Architecture

Now with nearly a decade of experience, Patrick knew from a very young age that designing would be a fundamental part of his world. Custom residential architecture is his passion. Having graduated from the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago, he appreciates the Bauhaus philosophy's architectural significance and strives to implement that into his everyday work.

Patrick finds himself most inspired during his morning runs through downtown Seattle or Chicago’s streets, witnessing the rapid expansion of life and architecture. Patrick believes a stagnant environment lacks creative thought and innovation, so an ever-changing environment is crucial to life and architecture.

[email protected]
+1 206 735 3237

A sample collection of Patrick’s project contributions.

Patrick has nearly a decade of experience in custom residential architecture and design.

Full Interior Remodel & Penthouse Addition

Minecraft House

Once a home that screamed “Late ‘80s” — this interior remodel with a penthouse addition transformed dated spaces into an open and airy interior designed for modern living.

Craftsman Manor Resurrection – Architecture & Landscape Architecture by Board & Vellum
Preservation & Modernization of a Historic Home

Craftsman Manor Resurrection

After decades without an update, this old Craftsman home is restored, both with some modern adaptations and some beautiful original details.

Puget Sound Bluff Home – Cape Cod Style Remodel of a Historic Home with Water Views
Historic Cape Cod Style Home Remodel

Puget Sound Bluff Home

With a newly-opened plan, this Cape Cod style home has a kitchen worth hanging out in all day, and water views from nearly every room.

Green Lake Second Story Addition – Board & Vellum
Building Up on a Narrow House

Green Lake Second Story Addition

This full-house remodel and new second floor on a skinny, split-level home allowed a formerly-chopped-up main floor convert to an open plan with a warm, contemporary style.

Cloverdale House – Second Story Addition by Board & Vellum
A New Second Story & Full Remodel

Cloverdale House

It might look like a whole new house, but it is actually a second story addition on an existing single-family home now with water views.

Sunset Hill Overlook – Board & Vellum
A New Home on an Existing Foundation

Sunset Hill Overlook

Featuring a “flipped plan” — with the bedrooms on the first floor, and the living, kitchen, and dining spaces above — this home’s shared spaces enjoy expansive views from indoors and out.

Paint those cabinets white for a bright kitchen refresh. – Addition on Three Floors – Board & Vellum
Custom Residential Remodel & Addition

Montlake Tudor

Expanding the footprint of a home can gain much-needed space, but sometimes, it helps to lower the basement floor, too, so you gain some extra vertical space.

A House for Bear – Remodel on Federal – Board & Vellum
Traditional Architectural Details for a Remodel

A House for Bear

The historic details of this home were preserved, restored, and built anew, as needed, to ensure that this updated home still celebrates its storied details.

Lifting a House – House Lift Transformation – Board & Vellum
Lifting a Home to Build a New Story Below It

House Lift Transformation

Rather than building a new second story for this home, we lifted the house up, turning a shallow, unfinished basement into a light-filled, walkout main floor.

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