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Our multifamily & mixed-use services.

Low-Rise, Mid-Rise, Mixed-Use

Multifamily Residential

Our multifamily team focuses on distinctive projects we can weave into the greater neighborhood around them. Just as our residential and commercial projects are customized to our clients, our multifamily projects are designed to feel unique, inviting, and integral to their surroundings.

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Zoning Assessment, Site Analysis, Feasibility & Capacity

Feasibility & Capacity Studies

Feasibility and capacity studies can be either a standalone service to evaluate a potential property, or function as the first phase in any multifamily development project, regardless of scale or scope. Our team’s deep knowledge of how to evaluate a site enables us to provide an efficient summary of a property’s development potential, including different development scenarios — including converting office buildings to multifamily housing.

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New Residential & Mixed-Use Buildings

Apartments & Mixed-Use

With in-house design services in architecture, interior design, and landscape architecture, our dynamic teams collaborate on new mid-rise apartments and mixed-use developments. We are passionate about designing buildings and spaces to please the residents who live there, the developers behind them, and the surrounding community they share.

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New Low-Rise Housing Units and Communities


Whether small urban infill projects or larger communities of dense urban housing, our multidisciplinary team lends an experienced design eye to townhouse developments. Our goal is to create positive impacts on neighborhoods by providing well-designed, beautiful, sustainable dwelling spaces contributing to the diversity of housing options it takes to weave a healthy urban fabric.

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Refreshes & Renovations of Multifamily Properties

Multifamily Remodel & Repositioning

With in-house teams in architecture, interior design, and landscape architecture, we are uniquely positioned to collaborate on the reinvention and repositioning of aging multifamily housing stock. Whether or not you already have a refreshed brand for the community, we’ll design the environment to attract your target resident, and breathe new life into your multifamily development.

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Our multifamily & mixed-use portfolio projects.

Stellar Apartments at 1405 Dexter, Seattle, WA – Board & Vellum
Multifamily Housing in South Lake Union

Stellar Apartments

An efficient, yet distinctive design, this new apartment building responds to its transit-oriented location without blending in with the crowd.

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Sustainable Living Designed Around Public Life

Stream Overlake Apartments

With a lofty goal of LEED Platinum certification, Stream Overlake seeks to blend highly-sustainable living with family-sized apartment homes in the center of Redmond’s bustling Overlake neighborhood.

New Townhomes Along Greenwood Avenue

Bitter Lake Townhouses

Nestled on a site with a mature tree canopy, this new townhouse development forms a pedestrian-centric community along a busy arterial in North Seattle.

A Multifamily Interior Refresh with a Lakeside Vibe

The Dock at Surprise Lake

Revitalizing community-focused amenity spaces designed to foster a relaxing sense of place for residents.

Tanager Apartments – Board & Vellum

Tanager Apartments | Rendering of proposed project.

On The Boards
Dense Urban Housing Meets PNW Beauty

Tanager Apartments

Inspired by the community’s rich history and culture, the Tanager Apartments celebrate the best of dense city-living in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood, while honoring the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

Sailhouse Apartments Refresh - Board & Vellum
A Modern Meets Nautical Interior Refresh

Sailhouse Kirkland Apartments Refresh

Refreshing key interior spaces for a nautical-themed multifamily housing complex a block away from the shore of Lake Washington.

Our multifamily & mixed-use posts.

Multifamily & Mixed-Use

Transforming Empty Office Buildings into Housing

In the wake of changing work dynamics after the pandemic, empty office buildings are a common sight. Meanwhile, the need is dire for more housing in the city. Many are seeing this as an opportunity to solve two problems at once, and a sustainable solution for urban living to boot.

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Commercial, Custom Residential, Interior Design, Multifamily & Mixed-Use

Our 2023 Interior Design Forecast

Trying to stay ahead of the design-trend curve? Us too. And for good reason! There are so many beautiful trends having and about to have their moment – not just ”for now,“ but as lasting elements of beautiful design. Our 2023 Interior Design Forecast is here to help you get to know upcoming trends you’ll love.

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Custom Residential, Interior Design, Landscape Architecture, Multifamily & Mixed-Use

Storytelling in Design

What inspires designers to create beautiful projects? Just like making a fantastic dish to eat, it’s about more than the individual ingredients — it’s about how they all work together! In design, it’s so much more than meeting the basic programmatic needs of our clients. It’s about telling a story.

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Ask an Architect, Custom Residential, Multifamily & Mixed-Use

Tips for Ensuring Your Home Has Good Air Quality

With wildfire season continuing into the late fall and a global pandemic still keeping millions of people indoors, there's a lot going on in the world. Both these natural disasters have brought to the forefront the importance of ventilation for your health: well-designed ventilation in buildings is important to address present and future pandemics, wildfires, and other airborne pollutants.

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Ask an Architect, Custom Residential, Multifamily & Mixed-Use

How a Heat Recovery Ventilator Can Make Your Home Healthier

Indoor air quality has never been a more pressing or popular target than it is today. With smoke from wildfires all over the West and the continuing global pandemic of COVID-19, many of us are wondering whether our indoor air is safe. The good news is: it can be, with the right systems in place.

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Ask an Architect, Custom Residential, Interior Design, Landscape Architecture, Multifamily & Mixed-Use

Will The Coronavirus Impact Construction Prices?

The impact of the coronavirus / Covid-19 pandemic is incredibly vast. As we try to plan for how this will impact our businesses, how the cost of construction could change is a common — and key — question. Here are some of the factors that could play a role in pushing the cost of construction either up or down.

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Our multifamily & mixed-use sustainability practices.

LEED Certified

LEED Certified by the U.S. Green Building Council

Our team includes many LEED-accredited professionals who possess comprehensive knowledge of contemporary sustainable practices across disciplines and sectors.

Living Building Challenge

Living Building Challenge

We have multiple team members with experience on Living Building or other ILFI-certified projects, the most rigorous green building certification in the world.

Certified Passive House Consultant

Certified Passive House Consultant

Board & Vellum Managing Principal, Jeff Pelletier, was one of the first Certified Passive House Consultants in the state, and a growing number of our team members are also certified.

Built Green Member

Built Green of King and Snohomish Counties

Board & Vellum is a proud member of Built Green, and our team is thrilled to have collaborated on dozens of Built Green projects in the Pacific Northwest.

Our multifamily & mixed-use recognition stories.

Board & Vellum is named one of Home Builder Digest’s Best Architecture Firms in Seattle, Washington.

Best Architectural Firms in Seattle

Board & Vellum is honored to be named as one of Home Builder Digest’s Best Architectural Firms in Seattle, Washington.

Board & Vellum makes Expertise’s list of the Best Architects in Seattle, 2020.

Best Architects in Seattle: Expertise’s 2020 List

Expertise examined 138 architecture firms in the Seattle area and selected only 19 to make their list of Best Architects in Seattle, including Board & Vellum.

Board & Vellum comes in at #3 on Fresh Chalk’s 2020 List of Best Seattle Architects.

Best Seattle Architects: Fresh Chalk’s 2020 List

Board & Vellum comes in at #3 on Fresh Chalk’s 2020 List of Best Seattle Architects.

Emerald Award for Renovated Community of the Year 2019

Emerald Award for Renovated Community of the Year 2019

We are excited to hear: The Eden Apartments — the renovation of which our interiors and landscape studios designed — won a 2019 Emerald Award for “Renovated Community of the Year” from the Washington Multi-Family Housing Association.

Our multifamily & mixed-use team team members.

Jeff Pelletier is the Managing Principal and Founder of Board & Vellum, an architecture, interior design, and landscape architecture firm in Seattle, Washington.

Jeff Pelletier, AIA, CPHC®

Managing Principal, Founder

In 2011, Jeff founded Board & Vellum in his attic and has forged ahead with excitement ever since. Architecture aside, he is a huge advocate for traveling, and takes LEGO really seriously.

Jill Burdeen is the Principal of Multifamily Housing at Board & Vellum, an architecture, interior design, and landscape architecture firm in Seattle, Washington.

Jill Burdeen

Principal, Multifamily

Jill has over 15 years of experience in multifamily and mixed-use projects and an intimate familiarity with the Seattle market. Out of the office, she enjoys spending time with her daughters and dreams of opening a candy store.

Zack Thomas is the Principal of Landscape and Site Design at Board & Vellum, an architecture, interior design, and landscape architecture firm in Seattle, Washington.

Zack Thomas, PLA

Principal, Landscape & Site Design

Zack co-launched B&V’s ”Site Design Studio,” and is excited to take on landscape projects of all shapes, sizes, and scales. He loves to get out of the city on weekends and makes a point of traveling to another country each year.

Yi-Chun Lin is the Director of Integrated Practice at Board & Vellum, an architecture, interior design, and landscape architecture firm in Seattle, Washington.

Yi-Chun Lin, NCARB, NOMA

Director, Commercial & Integrated Practice

Yi-Chun is motivated by curiosity to connect culture, environment, and human experience through design. An avid reader, seeker of metaphors, and food enthusiast, she revels in finding beauty in simplicity.

Christopher Palms is a Senior Associate and architect at Board & Vellum, an architecture, interior design, and landscape architecture firm in Seattle, Washington.

Christopher Palms, AIA, LEED AP

Senior Associate, Architect

Christopher is an experienced architect with lifelong interests in photography and music that have led him across the globe exploring how culture, buildings, language, and art unite us all.

Chris Parker is a Senior Associate and architect at Board & Vellum, an architecture, interior design, and landscape architecture firm in Seattle, Washington.

Chris Parker, AIA, LEED AP BD+C

Senior Associate, Architect

Chris is dedicated to community engagement and equity through architectural design. Besides his passion for architecture, he loves cooking Hawaiian food, and trying local microbrews.

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