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Is My House Ugly? If You Love It, Maybe Not!

When you design houses for a living, sometimes, you end up designing things you think are ugly, but you do it anyway because your clients think it's perfect. It's your house, not ours, and at Board & Vellum, we are here to design a home you love, even if we'd do it differently on our own.

How to Create an Outdoor Space you Love

Sometimes, it takes the quiet moments on a peaceful vacation to remind you of some of the great things back at home. In this case, a trip to Costa Rica reminds Jeff about all the things that come together to create an outdoor room that you love, even in our rainy Seattle weather.

Designing a House into a Home

Designing a House Into a Home – Sketching over schematic floor plans at Board & Vellum.
Emotion and personalization turn a house into a home, and when you're talking about designing your living space, this is incredibly important. Read about how our design process at Board & Vellum helps us make the leap from a great design (that is still just a house) to a home that our clients will love.

On the Boards: Alki Midcentury Remodel

Existing Exterior at the Alki Midcentury Remodel – Board & Vellum
Ever wondered how projects go from start to finish at Board & Vellum? You're in luck: this month we are kicking off a new series where we follow a project the whole way. The first project in the series is the Alki Midcentury Remodel, so join us to read about how it evolves!

Before and After: Sound Landing

Remodel of a 1960s Home  – Sound Landing: Before & After – Board & Vellum
We gutted this 1960s home to the studs, opening up the floor plan to take advantage of sweeping views of Puget Sound. Check out the "Before & After" shots to see how this home transformed from "Harvest Gold" and dropped ceilings with wood paneling, into a light and bright home with classic details that will age gracefully.

HVAC and the Residential Remodel, Part 1: Treated Air Systems

Mini-Split vs Forced Air – Featured Image
You might not be Pinteresting HVAC systems for your home remodel, but if you overlook it, you'll regret it! The products might not always be photogenic, but that doesn't mean you don't have some important choices to make. In this installation, Sara Emhoff explores the pros and cons of mini-splits versus forced air systems.

Top 10 Things to Consider When Designing a Vacation Home

Top 10 Things to Consider When Designing a Vacation Home – Make it Special
A vacation home should be something special, not just another suburban house plopped down on a piece of nice land, and that requires some thought. Jeff Pelletier breaks it down in his Top 10 Things to Consider, from respecting the view, to creating a special place to keep both kids and adults relaxed and happy.

Press for Urban Farmhouse

Press for Urban Farmhouse: Farmhouse Table As Island - Cropped for Featured Image
Our Urban Farmhouse project was recently featured in The Seattle Times' Pacific Northwest Magazine, in an article written by Rebecca Teagarden. We're thrilled to see the clients and their house celebrated in print!

Designing a Kitchen on a Budget

Designing a Kitchen on a Budget: Orange is the New Knob Kitchen View - Cropped for Featured Image
Just because you are designing a kitchen on a budget doesn't mean you have to skimp on style! Let us show you how combining IKEA cabinets with a couple of custom details where it shows can make your kitchen look like a completely custom job without breaking the bank.

How Long Should My Remodel Process Take?

How Long Should My Remodel Process Take: Schedule: As-Builts Through Schematic Design - Cropped for Featured Image
When you're considering remodeling your house, one of the most unfamiliar aspects is how long it will take from the moment you hire an architect until the moment it is all done and you’re relaxing in your new home. Don't worry, we are here to help with this illustrated post on the process!

Jeff’s (Current) Top 10 Design Elements to Watch For

After years of experience, we designers start to see trends and patterns and are able to “read” floor plans quite quickly to determine what will, or will not, work. Of course, things change with time, so, until the next installment, these are Jeff's current Top Ten “hot-button issues” to look out for when designing your home.

B&V’s First Built Green Certified Project

Great news! It’s been a long process, but we just received confirmation that our Ballard Locks Residence, built by Hammer & Hand, has qualified for a 4-Star Rating in the Built Green program! Built Green practices are designed to provide homeowners with comfortable, durable, environmentally friendly homes that are cost-effective to own and operate. Cheers!