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Evolution of the Third Place

Photo of a '50s diner. – Third Place Evolution – Board & Vellum
Third Places have evolved over centuries, from the tea houses of the Jin Dynasty, to Central Perk of '90s fame, to our current, caffeinated Wi-Fi hotspots. But it's not caffeinated beverages (or Wi-Fi) that creates a successful space. So, what is it? Explore the common evolutionary thread in this latest installation about Third Places.

Third Places Count

Third Places Count – Coffee Cup Cheers
Maybe you've heard the term "Third Place" lately, but aren't sure what it means? Well, we here at Board & Vellum love us a good Third Place, and our own Charles Fadem is here to walk you through what Third Places are, why they matter, and what it takes to make a good one.

Designing a Space for Play (Not Just for Kids!)

Designing a Space for Play – Board & Vellum
Recently Verne & Wells, a private gaming club in the Seattle area, hosted a game night at Board & Vellum's Below Grade lounge. Not only did we have a ton of fun, but it was a great reminder about the value of taking time to relax in space designed for play, even play for grown ups.

Designing Retail Spaces You Want to Linger In

Designing small-to-medium-size retail projects brings unique and exciting challenges, and great small retail brings so much to the life of a community. So, what does it take to create a space where customers slow their pace and linger? Retail spaces designed for the human scale, that promote curiosity and exploration.

Ada’s: A Burst Of Light and a Custom Mobile

Ada’s Technical Books and Cafe, a project very near and dear to us at Board and Vellum, will have been open for almost six months at its new location on 15th.  It’s amazing to walk-by everyday (our office is less than a block away) to see how much love Ada’s is getting from people in […]