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Introducing, Katie Söderlind!

Meet Katie Söderlind, the newest member of the B&V team, and most likely the first person to welcome you to Board & Vellum, be it by phone, email, or in-person. A lover of the places where high-brow meets low-brow, the dark meets light, and grit meets glamour, she's the umami flavor you didn’t know you needed in your life.

February 27, 2020


So, you’ve decided you want to know all about me? I’m truly flattered! I would rather learn more about you, but I’ll do my best to hold your attention. Grab a cup of tea, come closer to the fire, snuggle in, and let’s begin.

My heart has always been drawn towards the spark of creativity, the environments that humans find themselves in, and the art that has been created, and will be created, in those spaces. This interest led me to study anthropology, which in turn led me to work in the Ethnology collection of a local museum for four years, where my hands were kept busy with the daily cleaning and cataloging of the world around us, present and past.

The world turned again, and I found myself in education. My days filled with Registrar duties, student services, advising, planning events, designing schedules, and building a treasure chest of skills that would serve me well wherever I chose to go. Knowing how to keep calm under immense pressure, knowing when to talk and when to listen, and how to make do with what you have, are just some of the lessons that I learned over the years.

Then came a stirring in my heart that I couldn’t ignore. It was time to find something new. Something that married my love for art and my love of systems and policies. Board & Vellum sent out the call and I answered. I couldn’t be happier to be amongst these lovely, inspiring people.

As one of the most visible members of the firm and a true bon vivant, dilettante, and gastronaut, I am always happy to chat about my latest passion or share a new food discovery. Pairing natural effervescence with slight contrarianism, you will find I lean more quirky than buttoned-up, with more than a slight affinity for the dramatic. This independent spirit has led me to cultivate a love for blacksmithing, transcribing historic documents, hunting for unique clothing items, and making sure that I am living life to its absolute fullest whenever possible. I am also quick with a book/restaurant/activity/movie/travel recommendation, and if our tastes align, you are in for an absolute treat.

Katie Söderlind walks away from the camera, through East Berlin.
Always Looking for Adventure

Walking the streets of East Berlin on a cold December morning.

I believe in the gift of time. I take time to write, including a memorable week where I sent texts only in haiku, much to my friends’ dismay. I take time to linger over reading books in charming coffee shops. I take time to cook long complicated recipes. I take time to travel the world – to try all of the interesting foods, to try to understand life experiences outside of my own, and most importantly, to come back and tell others about what I have found.

Above all, I’m here to help. I’m happy researching, editing, problem-solving, giving those tough truths, being a shoulder to cry on, and I love to brainstorm solutions for just about anything. I’ve always got the kettle on, and I will happily pour you a cup and take a moment to find out how you are and what magic we kind find or make in the world today.

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