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Five Kitchen Island Must-Haves

If you’re adding an island to your kitchen, you might be wondering what details are essential to achieving a functional space that’s a delight to use and also looks great. We’ve got you covered with five of our favorite must-have details for every kitchen island.

December 1, 2022

What features does your kitchen island really need?

Kitchen islands are a commonly requested item from our clients – and we see why. They’re a multi-use, highly functional fixture with an innate ability to tie a room together. If you’re in the market for a kitchen island that optimizes your kitchen’s functionality and looks outstanding, you’re in the right place! We’ve seen a lot of them in our day, and here are the five kitchen island must-haves for your home.

Storage Galore

Cabinets are a kitchen must-have and built-in storage is an essential component of any kitchen island – the more, the better.

Closed storage cabinets are ideal for concealing extra pots, pans, lids, and other kitchen utensils, while shelves can offer opportunities to store and display cookbooks, sauces, spices, or other kitchen essentials.

Hilltop Flat: Modern Condo Remodel – Light-Filled Great Room
Out of Sight

With ample storage for kitchen necessities of all sizes, you can have all your tools out of sight while still keeping them close at hand.

Based on the size of your island relative to your other cabinetry, this quintessential kitchen feature could double – or even triple – your storage space. An island with great storage ensures your kitchen doesn’t feel cluttered and stays looking tidy.

A Place to Plug In

Outlets are a kitchen-island-essential you might not initially consider, but you’ll be glad when they’re there.

Puget Sound Bluff Home – Cape Cod Style Remodel of a Historic Home with Water Views
Electrical Outlets

To make your kitchen island as useful as possible, place outlets at convenient spots (like next to seating) where folks are bound to need a place to plug in.

Because islands are multi-functional, you’ll likely be utilizing the extra counter space for a lot of various tasks. Prepping food and drinks, pulling up a recipe on your laptop, charging your phone – the possibilities are numerous.

Having built-in outlets is handy when you need to plug in a blender and hand mixer, charge your devices, and, ultimately, free up space on other surfaces and countertops.

Seating Solutions

Another reason we love kitchen islands is their ability to bring people together by offering a casual yet central spot to sit and enjoy the company while staying close to the action.

An adaptable kitchen island can be
Added Flexibility

This kitchen island was made for flexible entertaining with an additional table top which slides out even more seating for casual gatherings or dining.

Seating at your kitchen island gives your guests and comfortable place to relax and chat with the host as you finish preparing a meal or gather around to enjoy snacks. It can also provide a great place to enjoy breakfast or quick, casual meals. Plus, its proximity to the kitchen, sink, and dishwashers make for a swift cleanup.

Statement Countertops

Kitchen islands create wonderful opportunities to polish your kitchen’s design and cement its aesthetic. You’ll want to consider what materials and colors will complement and play off other features, such as lighting or a backsplash.

Scout Apartments – Board & Vellum
Matchy, Matchy

A blue and green tarazzo-style countertop at this island makes a statement paired with a matching backspash along the kitchen wall.

A great kitchen island acts as the anchor in your space. And while you want it to feel cohesive, a kitchen island is a great time to go bold. Do you use a colorful marble that matches your backsplash, or do you go with a contrasting countertop on the island? Maybe you want a wood butcher block for a soft, natural finish that highlights your stainless-steel appliances. Or perhaps a dramatic waterfall edge suits your style?

Islands certainly aren’t one-size-fits-all. It’s important to consider what materials will help tie your space together.

Overhead Lighting

While overhead lighting isn’t necessarily a feature built into your kitchen island, it’s one to consider for illuminating and adding functionality to your space.

Blue Ridge View Home – Board & Vellum
Light Up

Clear globe lights keep sightlines open while adding function and beauty to this kitchen island – a true heart of this home.

Considering islands are multi-functional and will likely be used for studying, working, cooking, reading recipes, and more, you’ll want to make sure this surface is well-lit and accessible at all hours.

Whether dramatic or understated, lighting above your island will keep it brightly lit whenever you need it.

Islands are a great option for adding functional space in your kitchen. This centerpiece will certainly be a hub of activity and a primary focus in the common spaces of your home, so it’s important to make sure it’s a beautiful addition that’s also functional for your everyday life. Keep these kitchen island must-haves in mind and you’ll be well on your way!

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